Letter to the editor: Lincoln values local school

All my children grew up in Lincoln and went to the Lincoln schools, including preschool. When it was time for them (and other young people from our community) to apply to educational programs like Breadloaf Young Writers or as a legislative page, for a special job, or college, or law school they would sometimes ask if I would read their essays. A single recurring theme in what they wrote was how much it meant to grow up in Lincoln: on the playground between the river and the mountain, hiding in the woods, t … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Fiesta turnout heartening

We would like to thank our community for the tremendous outpouring of support you showed to Viva El Savor, the collective of women who cooked for the Fiesta at the Marble Works on Saturday, June 26.It is heartwarming to see and feel our community respond … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Birong has produced results for his constituents

This has been a difficult year for most Vermonters, but none have struggled more than people facing homelessness and food insecurity. More than 200 people in Addison County found themselves in shelters and motel rooms at the height of the pandemic. Even m … (read more)