The eclipse was cool enough to yell about

Groups of Vermonters and visitors spread themselves around town greens, highway pull-offs, community parks, school grounds, cemeteries, parking lots and back yards on Monday afternoon. The vibe was generally laid-back.

Editorial: ‘Cool enough to yell about’

Wherever you were in the path of the total eclipse this past Monday at quarter past three in the afternoon, the world seemingly stood still for a moment or two, and the vibe was noticeably different.

Vermonters (and lots of visitors) enjoy the solar eclipse

Just before totality began on Monday, the DJ at the Middlebury recreation fields wrapped up “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and a brief silence fell. Then the sun completely disappeared, and the crowd went wild.

Middlebury preps for today’s eclipse

Middlebury is closing a few roads and is urging people to be prepared and be courteous.

Are you ready for the solar eclipse?

The only time it is OK to look directly as the sun is when it is completely covered. Surely your mother told you that.

Vergennes Opera House offers two events to celebrate the eclipse

To celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, the Friends of the Vergennes Opera House have planned two events, one Friday evening and one Sunday afternoon.

Jessie Raymond: Path of totality calls for formality

As you know, we have one coming up Monday, and I want to be dressed appropriately.

The Outside Story: The solar eclipse

In the cosmic dance of heavenly bodies, no phenomenon possesses the drama of a solar eclipse, when the moon passes directly between the sun and earth.

An eclipse chaser preps for the big celestial show

The first time Tom and Lee Ann Golper saw a total solar eclipse, they were on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. 

Addison County to host eclipse events

Schools, museums, libraries, government agencies and lots of other organizations are planning events where you can participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

BAG prepares for eclipse with exhibit

“In the Path of Shade” will be on view at the 7 Center Street Gallery from March 1-April 28.