Middlebury police to launch drone program

The program will give local officers an extra set of high-in-the-sky eyes to help find missing persons, monitor active-shooter situations, inspect natural-disaster areas, and document crime and accident scenes.

Kenna uses a drone to capture Vermont’s tranquility

MIDDLEBURY — Caleb Kenna has been a professional photographer for 25 years, and like most good photo artists he makes many great images of events, landscapes and people. His work has long been praised for its quality and insights. But he has taken his cra … (read more)

Troopers put eyes in the skies — with drones

NEW HAVEN — Vermont State Police have some new eyes in the sky when they chronicle an accident scene or look for a missing person in a remote location. But those eyes aren’t human. They belong to a group of 11 unmanned aircraft systems — think “drones” — … (read more)