Be on the lookout for cyanobacteria

Wondering what’s floating in Vermont’s natural waters? Though the spring brought heavy pollen accumulation on some bodies of water, now is the time to be on the lookout for cyanobacteria, especially as you are looking to escape the heat.

International panel recommends crop shift to limit lake pollution

VERMONT — An international water panel has released initial recommendations for reducing phosphorus pollution in northern Lake Champlain, ranging from switching crops to setting up a phosphorus import-export budget.  The report, which is out for public co … (read more)

Cyanobacteria blooms can pose risk in lakes

VERMONT — Warm weather is a welcome sign of summer, but it also creates ideal conditions for cyanobacteria to grow in Vermont waters. Cyanobacteria (sometimes referred to as blue-green algae) are tiny microorganisms. In large numbers they sometimes form b … (read more)