Letter to the editor: CO2 an issue with city burn?

I have one question about the plan by the Vergennes City Fire Department to conduct a planned burn of the building at 40 North Street (“City Firefighters Plan Training Burn,” Addison Independent, May 6, 2021).Has anyone considered how much carbon dioxide, a damaging greenhouse gas, will be released into the atmosphere as a result of this fire?Current regulations do not allow for outdoor trash burning. Wood stoves are required to meet stringent air pollution control standards. How, then, can burning a large … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vergennes controlled burn a serious health hazard

I read with interest the recent articles about Vergennes Grand Senior Living, in particular the information provided about the planned controlled burn. There has been talk in town about this plan. People have contacted me by email and on the street and vo … (read more)

City firefighters plan training burn

VERGENNES — A side effect of the purchase and upcoming expansion of Vergennes Residential Care by Charlotte residents Dan and Rebecca Hassan will be to provide valuable training for the Vergennes Fire Department and three of its neighboring departments. P … (read more)