Letter to the editor: Concern over S.100 unfounded

Regarding John Moyers’ editorial of March 23: He described an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Bristol that was 2,400 square feet and larger than the main house.

Letter to the editor: Hiring local help fulfills a need

Usually I’m the kind of person who just goes along and puts up with things. But recently I decided I was going to keep complaining until I got results. Be the squeaky wheel!

Letter to the editor: Vaccines are made by people

I don’t know why the polio vaccines ended up being named after individuals, whereas others have not. Perhaps if the COVID vaccine were named after someone, it would seem more acceptable, rather than being produced by “Big Pharma.”

Letter to the editor: White privilege is about inherent advantages

White privilege. Do I have it? My parents and grandparents were academics, so they made a decent living and didn’t even suffer losses during the Great Depression. They studied and worked hard to get where they did, and they saved and invested wisely so th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Buy recycled to create a market

Recycling is in a crisis. China has stopped taking our mixed recyclables, which are often contaminated or contain trash that was put in the wrong bin. With the market shrinking, it’s hard to find a use for recycled items and many are ending up in landfill … (read more)