Local woman recounts her breast cancer journey

“For me, it was like being in the worst game show ever. Doors number one, two and three — all the choices stink. It’s a lot of pressure, a lot of scariness.”

Community forum: Gifts can come unexpectedly

The possibility of cancer didn’t occur to me. I’d never had a “bad” mammogram. How could I be so sanguine?

Cancer & Community

Most people in the United States know someone affected by cancer. For some, it is a constant anxiety as eventually, more likely than not, someone they know will be diagnosed. But there is hope for all as medical and scientific advances are sharpening our … (read more)

Immunotherapies fight cancer at the molecular level

When it comes to treating cancer, we have all heard the terms “chemotherapy” and “radiation therapy” at some point — discussing a close friend’s or family member’s cancer diagnosis, watching a soapy medical TV drama, reading an article about cancer treatm … (read more)

Knowing the history of cancer research informs current treatment and research

A New England man told us that one day his wife noticed yellow markings on his face; emergency room doctors identified it as jaundice. The man was immediately admitted to the hospital where he was given a CT scan due to increased risk for patients his age … (read more)

Illness, stigma and a path forward

“Men and women, but men in particular, are squeamish even thinking about damage to sexual function. … that plays a huge role in the fact that so few people understand anything about it until it starts to impact their life.” We got this message from an A … (read more)

Better understanding of cancer nets better treatments

In December of 1971, Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, which dedicated $1.5 billion over the ensuing several years to cancer research. It was a pivotal moment of the “War on Cancer,” a movement that emerged in the 1960s that brought a new sens … (read more)

Finding ways to limit cancer recurrence

Advances in medicine enable many people to beat cancer or, at the very least, slow it down. However, beating the disease once doesn’t necessarily mean the end of that journey for some cancer patients. Recurrence is a common part of experiencing cancer — s … (read more)

Contributing authors in our Cancer and Community series

Students in Prof. Lindsay Repka’s Spring 2022 Biochem First Year Seminar at Middlebury College took an in-depth look at the science of cancer and its affects on the community. The created this package of stories and graphics. The work won an award from th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vegan diet fights cancer

As many readers know, October was Breast Cancer month, but they may be unaware of some of the statistics that are associated with this disease. Yes, although there may be some new, more effective, targeted methods of treatment and better digital mammogram … (read more)

MUMS students craft messages of hope for cancer patients

MIDDLEBURY — It was a quick and fun assignment for Barbara Colette’s 7th-grade class at Middlebury Union Middle School last Wednesday: String together some heartfelt words, and perhaps an uplifting drawing, on the back of a card. “You shine so bright.” “N … (read more)