More broken water pipes prompts Middlebury to ask for emergency declaration

An unprecedented number of breaks and leaks in Middlebury water mains prompted the town to extend its boil water order into the Industrial Park on Thursday. Everyone is asked to conserve water.

Surge in water mains results in boil water order in parts of Middlebury

Around 300 Middlebury properties are under a boil water notice after a high-pressure wave traveled through the water system, causing breaks at weak points in the lines.

Middlebury ends boil water order for Rt. 116 area

On Monday afternoon water department officials called off a boil water order that had been in place for more than two weeks.

Culvert found for Route 116 repair, water woes remain

There is still no official word on whether Middlebury or all of Addison County would be included in a flood disaster declaration that would qualify our area for federal aid.