Climate Matters: A search for some delight in a difficult century

I am writing this dispatch from a southbound train, which left Middlebury at midday and is making its way — not too fast, not too slow — toward Penn Station in New York City. 

Climate Matters: McKibben says transitions unleash creativity

16th in a series Most of the time I’m writing about vested interest as the key obstacle to making the energy transition. And it is — without the endless campaign of delay, denial and disinformation from Big Oil and its friends, we’d have started making bi … (read more)

Climate Matters: Turn to the sun, not ‘treewashing’

It pains me a bit to say, massive tree-planting campaigns are under assault as a climate tool, and that the assault seems to have some real merit.

Letter to the editor: We’re fortunate to have Porter Hospital

I had to go into Porter Hospital this morning for what we call, I believe, a routine procedure — if I say that I had spent the previous day chugging Miralax to prepare, an inquiring reader might be able to figure out the details.

Guest editorial: ‘Offensive and shocking:’ We better come to terms with solar panels soon

This is a story of a state that’s failing to understand we’re actually in a climate emergency, and continuing with business that looks a lot like usual.

Letter to the editor: Many help build trust in vaxxing

I think often of what a privilege it is to live in the most vaccinated county in the most vaccinated state in the union. We have many good institutions and leaders to thank for that status — our schools and churches, Middlebury College, our governor and l … (read more)

Activists re-create iconic MLK speech

BARNET — On April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. stood in the pulpit of the Riverside Church in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and delivered one of the most important and powerful speeches of his life. Despite counsel from many of his allies, King condemned … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Points of view from Ripton

Two notes from the side of the mountain in Ripton: •  The cross-country skiing is better than I ever remember up here. The regular installments of snow, and the cold temperatures, have let Barney Hodges, Mike Hussey and their team at Rikert, and Andy McIn … (read more)

McKibben to talk about his book, on Zoom

MIDDLEBURY — Bill Mckibben will highlight the next Green Mountain Club James P. Taylor Outdoor Adventure Series when he presents “The Climate Fight: A Report from the Front” on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. An author, environmentalist, and activi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Don’t distract from the real issue

Small men — it’s rarely a woman — can wreak havoc on a large scale. Whip together ambition, guile, and ill-will with a little luck, and such men can do outsized damage. Great women and men leave their mark at every scale. They not only shape the lives of … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Addison County has responded quickly to the virus

I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been watching Addison County respond to the coronavirus. College staff managed to get two thousand kids safely home in a matter of days, Porter is setting up the necessary regimens, and everyone from clergy to teach … (read more)

POSTPONED: McKibben to speak at Green Mountain Club meeting

UPDATE: Due to the snow and ice on Feb. 6, the club has postponed this meeting until a future date. When that date is determined they will announce it. MIDDLEBURY — Author, environmentalist and activist, Bill McKibben will be the featured speaker at the G … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Kids focus on climate change

I was heartened to see so many families at last Wednesday night’s Bill McKibben talk, “Empowering Youth to Engage in our Climate Crisis,” which I attended with my own family. First, I want to extend deep gratitude to Bridge School, Woodchuck Cidery, and B … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Well done, Rikert

Among the things to give thanks for at this season, one that I think of daily is the work of the crew at the Rikert Nordic Center at Breadloaf. It’s been a low snow year around here, but Barney Hodges, Mike Hussey and their entire Middlebury College crew … (read more)