Father and son share passion for WWII enigma

HANCOCK — It was in 1985, at a flea market in Friedrichshafen, Germany, when Dr. Thomas Perera first laid eyes on a German Enigma cypher machine: the breakthrough encryption device used by the German military during the Second World War to code and decode telegraph messages. Although seldom known by the public at that time, Enigma machines were an important historical icon and technological innovation in the field of cryptology. Perera, a young professor of Neuroscience, un-aware of the Enigma machine’s his … (read more)

Hair spray on a cow and other Field Days grooming tips

NEW HAVEN — Aislynn Farr shook-up an aerosol can of livestock skin conditioner and sprayed a few strokes on the side of her Ayrshire “Cheerio.” “This stuff is for the shine,” the 18-year-old explained. “You use it to highlight the cow’s ribs, kind of like … (read more)

Field Days opens with fun and rain

NEW HAVEN — Opening night of Addison County Fair and Field Days 2019 on Tuesday was met with scattered showers. The wet conditions prompted fair officials to postpone the 8 p.m. opening parade until Wednesday evening. But despite the wet conditions (this … (read more)

5.8M pills flooded Addison County over 6 years

ADDISON COUNTY — Following the release of a database that detailed how many opioid pills were distributed per county across the United States last week, records show that more than 5.8 million pills flooded Addison County between 2006-2012. The news came … (read more)