Beaver deceiver installed in Ripton

Beaver expert Skip Lisle of Grafton last Thursday constructed a flow device at a culvert under Route 125 near the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail in Ripton.

Expert to offer talk on beavers in Salisbury

Wildlife Specialist Tyler Brown of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department will give a free PowerPoint presentation titled “Leave it to Beaver” on Saturday, Jan. 7, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Salisbury Congregational Church. 

Monkton group looking to save beavers

The six-person committee, called Working with Wildlife, is raising funds to purchase devices that will offer the town a nonlethal means of handling the beavers and their dams in the Hollow Road area and other parts of Monkton.

Letter to the editor: Did that beaver repeat history

Your police log on July 8 noted that police “responded to reports of a distressed beaver on Main Street. … Police guided the animal back into the Otter Creek.”Some years ago — perhaps 2007 — the Independent had a similar report, although in that case, the … (read more)

Backyard beavers present a picture of place & personality

Backyard chickens are a thing, but how about backyard beavers? Sure they don’t lay eggs, but they’ll redesign your landscape for ya. Joking aside, having a family of beavers move in is pretty special; and having them stay for five years is incredible. Tha … (read more)

Co-thriving with beavers at the Watershed Center

BRISTOL — If you’ve walked the trails on the lands of The Watershed Center in Bristol during the past several months, you know that the beavers who call that land home are doing what they do best — felling trees, building dams, creating ponds. During the … (read more)

Monkton finds a humane beaver solution: Deception

MONKTON — On a warm sunny Friday afternoon last month, Theresa Payea, dressed in waders, stood atop a well-established beaver dam in Monkton Pond (also known as Cedar Lake). Payea was there, along with a few other members of the newly re-established Cedar … (read more)