Vermonters kill record number of bears

MONTPELIER — Bear hunters in Vermont had another safe and successful hunting season in 2020 according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife. Preliminary numbers show that hunters took a record 914 black bears during the two-part early and late bear seasons. The previous highest harvest ever recorded in Vermont was 750 in 2019. Fish and Wildlife also says there were no hunting-related shooting incidents. The average number of bears taken over the previous 10 years was 608. The hunting season results are consistent wi … (read more)

Remember these bear-hunting regulations

MONTPELIER — Bear hunting season starts in September and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department reminds hunters about the bear hunting regulations. Vermont has two bear hunting seasons. The early season, which requires a special bear tag, starts Sept. 1 a … (read more)

Successful hunters must submit bear teeth to state

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is again reminding successful bear hunters that a regulation requires them to submit a bear tooth so wildlife managers can collect important information on Vermont’s bear population. The hunter must fiel … (read more)