Letter to the editor: Bat boosting efforts praised

These much maligned, often misunderstood creatures are just another example of evolution’s most divine and brilliant work.

Help save our native Vt. bats

The onset of fall sends Vermont’s bats into motion, which makes it an important time for conservation-minded Vermonters to learn about, and help conserve, our nine native bat species.

Endangered bat habitat conserved

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is putting $566,667 in grant money toward conserving land used by some of the state’s most vulnerable residents — Indiana and Northern long-eared bats.

The Outside Story: Eastern red bat, the migrating maverick

Swift and apparently silent, a lone bat traces the contours of the woods’ edge at dusk, floating through canopy and meadow.

Act now to protect our nine bat species

If you have noticed bats roosting in your attic, barn, or office over the summer, fall is the perfect time to safely evict these uninvited guests from your property.

Protect the bat species from COVID-19

MONTPELIER —There is no evidence at this time that North American bats can transmit the virus causing COVID-19 to humans, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. However, there is a very real and growing concern that humans could, in fact, … (read more)

Bats return after fire destroys Salisbury habitat

SALISBURY — After a tremendous fire destroyed the Swamp Road covered bridge over Otter Creek on the Salisbury-Cornwall line on Sept. 10, 2016, naturalists feared that the large colony of little brown bats that made their home in the structure would disper … (read more)