Letter to the editor: Scott’s history of vetoes threatens animal legislation

There are two bills currently in the Vermont legislature, Bill H.626 — An Act Related to Animal Welfare — and S.258 — An Act Relating to the Management of Fish and Wildlife.

Letter to the editor: Hounders and control of hounds — here we go again

There has been a moratorium on coyote hounding via Act 165. The Fish and Wildlife Board and Department were to address control of hunting hounds for the moratorium to be lifted.

Letter to the editor: Legislature must clamp down on hounding activities

Raccoon hounders can run their hounds in the middle of the night during “training” season, which started June 1st.

Letter to the editor: Hound hunting for the few at expense of many

There is a bill in the House, H. 172, that will ban bear hounding and I ask that everyone support it. There is also a bill, H. 316, that I hope can be expanded to include control of all dogs used for hounding, not just bear hounds, but hunting dogs who ch … (read more)