Higher level of 3SquaresVT benefits extended

This extra help is part of the federal Coronavirus Relief Bill. It will not permanently change a household’s monthly benefit.

Food benefits will fall short, advocates say

MIDDLEBURY — Individuals and families who rely on 3SquaresVT — the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Vermont — will get some good news and bad news beginning Oct. 1.First, the good news: SNAP benefits are slated to increase by 25 … (read more)

3SquaresVT will help you start gardening

VERMONT — Signs of spring are slowly but surely appearing across the state, which means it’s time to think about which fruits, vegetables, and herbs to grow this season. Vermonters can buy seeds and seedlings that produce edible foods with 3SquaresVT bene … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Federal cuts to food benefits create local problems

As the Hunger Council of Addison County heads into the new year, there is much to reflect on from 2019. We have seen over the past year concerted efforts to jeopardize 3SquaresVT (also known as SNAP nationally and formerly as food stamps).This has come th … (read more)