Letter to the editor: ‘Stop the merger’ group’s ads are ‘disengenous’

This hysteria is being created by a group in Starksboro that is hyper focused on the perceived closure of Robinson Elementary School and nothing else.

Letter to the editor: No guarantee of cost, learning benefits with merger

Placing merger decisions in the hands of a 13-member board across nine schools and eight towns is not in the best interest of students or taxpayers.

Letter to the editor: Shoreham selectboard weighs in on ACSD issues

For the third time, the Select Board of the Town of Shoreham has not received a response or even an acknowledgment of a letter sent to the Addison County School District Board of Directors.

ACSD agrees to change rules on school closures

The Addison Central School District Board on Monday agreed to revise the ACSD charter in a manner that would give local voters more of a say in whether their schools should be closed.

Inflation affecting ACSD budget planning

The Addison Central School District Board on Monday got a sneak preview of how inflation could have a major impact on a 2023-2024 ACSD budget that’s still in its early stages of development.

Bees help MUHS class learn botany

On a chilly morning earlier this week, a class of Middlebury Union High School students stepped outside to learn about botany from a large group of winged experts — honeybees. 

Voters share questions, concerns about merger

Potential school closures and consolidations were among the concerns voiced by attendees of a merger study committee meeting held at Mount Abraham Union High School earlier this week.

Letter to the editor: Merger won’t help schools

There are better ways to improve education for all of our students and to prudently manage taxpayer dollars.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD-ANWSD merger would be detrimental

Despite the Starksboro Save our School committee’s publication of our analysis that the likely tax increase was closer to 3%, the damage had been done.

Letter to the editor: Merger of school districts premature

This merger will affect families in both districts and we deserve to better understand both the benefits and the costs of merging before we agree to this change. 

Letter to the editor: Voters should be wary of merger

Voters should be deeply skeptical of any claims for financial benefits from the proposed merger.

MAUSD board split on merger with ANWSD

The board ultimately voted in favor, 6-5, of adopting the resolution, with board chair Dawn Griswold supplying the tie-breaking vote. 

State board weighs options for Lincoln

During a meeting held at Mount Abraham Union High School last week, the State Board of Education determined they need more time to decide how the Lincoln School District (LSD) will receive supervisory union services.

Ripton, back with ACSD, will fight for local control

Ripton officials are vowing to press for rule changes at the state and local levels that would give the rural community, and others like it, more of a say in the future of their tiny schools and how their students are educated.

VUES P.E. teacher breaks ground with Vermont award

Vergennes Union Elementary School Physical Education teacher Robyn Newton had plenty to smile about last week.