Year in review 2022

Over the past 12 months, 52 issues and over 800 pages, we highlighted the work of more than 39 local artists, actors, musicians and craftspeople; saw more than 47 exhibits and 18 film events.

Six exhibits to remember from 2022

Galleries were open this year! Sometimes by appointment, but it was a welcome change to see art in person again. Here are six exhibits to remember from 2022. 

Ask a Master Gardener: How to grow orchids

Do you admire orchids from afar but haven’t considered growing them or gifting them to a plant lover you know?

Sweet structures build community

A bunch of folks at Middlebury College competed in this year’s first Employee Gingerbread House Competition, which was held this past Friday at McCullough Student Center in Wilson Hall.

Irish and Québécois traditions take the stage

The Ripton Community Coffee House at Burnham Hall in Lincoln presents two master musicians in the Irish and Québécois traditions, Seamus Egan and Yann Falquet, on Saturday, Jan. 6, at 7:30 p.m.

First Wednesday talks move online for winter

Don’t worry about traveling out into the cold, or icy roads, or that tickle in your throat… because the monthly Vermont Humanities First Wednesdays talks will be virtual for January, February and March.

Ask a Master Gardener: All about the perennial poinsettia

During the holidays, poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) show off in shades of red, pink and cream. They’ve been hybridized to decorate our homes during a season when the garden outdoors is fast asleep. Most people treat them as a holiday plant to be enjo … (read more)

Pet spotlight: Vermont

Vermont has been at the shelter longer than any other cat currently in residence.

The Outside Story: ‘Bombs away’ misteltoe moments

Have you noticed the cheery evergreen sprig with pearly berries, currently perched over the doorways of Yankee traditionalists and those desperate to be kissed?

Listen up to Vergennes musician’s new song

“Oh Jen!” is inspired by the true story of the artist unknowingly getting married with a “used” wedding band.

Ask a master gardener: Gifts for the gardener

If you have a gardener (or garden lover) on your holiday gift list, you may be wondering what might make them smile during a season when the garden is buried beneath the snow.

Annie and Patrick headline Bristol Best Night show

A great way to cap off the holiday season is with a little music, a little variety and a chance to go home and mark the coming of the new year with immediate family and friends.

Brandon show postponed, new show takes the stage

When the world gives Barn Opera bitter lemons, they don’t just make lemonade, they make “Limoncello”! 

Join the Winter Solstice celebration

The Town Hall Theater is offering its second annual Solstice Lantern Celebration called “Solstice in the Shire” on Wednesday, Dec. 21, from 4-5 p.m.

Former Weybridge pastor publishes book

“This is a volume that’s equal parts charming and necessary,” Bill McKibben offered in a blurb. “As we try to grapple with the greatest crisis humans have ever faced, it would be of immeasurable value to have the Bible helping, not hindering.”