Addy All-Stars

Join the Team. Donate today and become an Addy All-Star!

Here at the Addy Indy, we know that communities with a well-supported newspaper share a greater sense of respect for each other and responsibility to one another. We know community newspapers can foster a sense of caring, and genuine curiosity, that makes communities stronger.

We know this because it’s our business.

Every week we hear from readers and advertisers that we offer a service they love. The kind of service, they tell us, they can’t do without.

Because we believe in accessible local news, The Addison Independent has, for the past 77 years, set its annual Subscription at a very low rate — the standard print+web subscription is $65 per year, with discounts offered for seniors and students. As you might imagine, that price hardly covers even the cost of printing the newspaper and distributing it to our readers.

More importantly, it does not cover the cost of producing the newspaper. That is, it doesn’t pay our staff of 21 to report and process the news, the graphic work to layout the pages, the advertising staff to serve area merchants; nor the front office staff to connect all the calls and run the business necessary to keep The Addison Independent operating. Advertising sales carry the lion’s share of this burden, but can no longer support us alone.

The ADDY ALL-STARS is the start of a shift in revenue to a more stable three-legged stool — advertising, subscriptions and donations. We want everyone to be an ALL-STAR, so please contribute and join our committed team of news enthusiasts. If even half of our existing subscribers gave that $100 a year it would be an enormous contribution to our ability to fund a quality team of journalists and staff.

With success, we believe the ADDY ALL-STARS can help us expand our news coverage and programming to reach an ever-growing audience not only through the newspaper and existing digital platforms, but also in less traditional ways — by holding educational workshops, roundtable discussions, and social gatherings to inform and build community. The possibilities are endless.

Our goal, as ever, is to strengthen community, and our democracy, through information and engagement, but we can’t do that on our own. Today, it also takes a vibrant feedback loop from readers — and an ALL-STAR team!

We hope you’ll join us.