Letter to the editor: Safe injection sites are ‘looney’

The Vermont Legislature is looking more like a Mel Blanc Looney Tunes than a responsible lawmaking body. The Legislature has already legalized Dope. Now they want safe injection sites.

I find it hard to believe that responsible citizens of Vermont would look favorably on the absurd notion of safe injection sites.

First, I thought illicit drugs were illegal. So now the Vermont Legislature wants to have safe injection sites so the illegal use of shooting up to get high can be done safely. To me, and I am sure to the majority of Vermonters, this is an act of sponsoring illegal drug activity for the purpose of getting high. Yes, the persons shooting up in safe injection sites are safe but what about the good citizens of Vermont driving on the road with these “high” individuals also driving after just shooting up. Don’t tell me this isn’t going to happen because I was hit from behind by a person high on Fentanyl, Norfentanyl and Benzoylecgonine and this person was on his way to the Methadone clinic before it closed. The crash was at 9:30 a.m. In the person’s vehicle were five bottles of Methadone and a case of needles.

Do the Legislators believe persons looking to get high are going to just shoot up in the safe injection site during business hours or stay at the site until the high wears off? No! Also the legislators said the price for the sites would come from cash penalties from the drug companies, great! Where is the money going to come from when that runs out?

I would like to know what the Vermont Department of Public Safety thinks about this bill being sponsored by the legislators. Maybe the legislative body should think about the legalization of prostitution because I have not heard of anyone passing away from illegal sex. Besides… think of the money it would bring into the state! Oh… but paying for sex is illegal.

Dennis Cassidy


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