Letter to the editor: Vergennes needs a truck traffic solution — fast

Faith Terry’s letter printed in the Dec. 7 edition should be a wake-up call for all Vermont politicians who have the power to do something about the trailer traffic through downtown Vergennes. As a relatively new Vergennes resident, I was surprised to learn that the situation has a long-festering issue that is getting progressively worse.

As the Burlington area experiences significant growth, where most of these trucks appear to be headed, the need for a solution becomes increasingly more urgent. I have been told there is no operative weigh station along the route these trucks take. Any observer can see that many of these trucks are very heavily laden.

The Planning Environment Linkages Study, which is gathering preferences for a list of possible solutions, has been years in collecting data and does not have the mandate to make anything happen. Their findings will eventually be turned over to those who can do something, i.e. Gov. Scott and his transportation chief, our senators and representative. Any permanent solution will obviously involve millions for road construction and a new Otter Creek bridge. Vermont most likely does not have the funds that will be needed, hence federal grants will be required.

Do we really have the time for a solution to be accomplished many years in the future? Heavy tractor-trailers rattle the Otter Creek Bridge daily, as well as historic downtown buildings, adding urgency for a solution. Will it take a tragedy for something to be done? Is there a temporary alternative that could be found routing large tractor-trailers on other roads other than north 22A that connect to Route 7? 

Let the politicians know your concerns. A temporary or permanent solution needs to have their priority.

Ellen Wullschleger


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