Letter to the editor: We must learn from history and demand peace

Is it possible for the U.S.A. to regain its position on foreign wars? Our founding fathers believed that imperialism would be the downfall of our country if we ever beset such a road. It is hard to argue that any war or warring party our government has supported with American tax dollars has been a good decision when viewed from the convenient cover of hindsight. The notable exception to this is WWII, where we intervened to prevent genocide. 

Vietnam, Korea, The Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the countless government coups that our tax dollars have funded seem to have been for the purpose of expanding American power, influence, and imperialism across the globe. Though these wars were waged in the name of freedom, the consequences often are that the local populous of the war-torn regions end up impoverished and fester anti-American sentiment.

The rise of the Nazi Germany was a direct result of the Allied countries demanding too many pounds of flesh from the losers of WWI. The populous grew bitter and impoverished and in such conditions evil flourished. We must act justly to our enemies or chance becoming the evil we attest to fight, or at the very least risk nurturing the darkest aspects of humanity.

It is the nature of power to corrupt and to entice those holding power to seek more. I have friends and neighbors who think that it is a good thing the U.S.A. is the dominant world power. There are also many who think that raising ourselves up on the backs of others is unsustainable and will only lead to discord on the world stage. I think George Washington would fall into the latter camp.

The U.S.A. has more foreign military bases than all the other countries in the world combined. Ask yourself, are those guns pointed at the locals for their own protection, or for our continued dominion?

Our hegemony benefits us undoubtedly, but is our benefit at the cost of others? Did the colonial vampirism ever stop, or is it just wearing another hat, one that has sequins and shiny words like “freedom” and “capitalism” embroidered on it?

No current major candidate — Trump, Biden, or RFK Jr. — shares George Washington’s position on foreign wars. Both RFK Jr. and Trump seem closest to such a position except when it comes to Israel, where it seems ghastly ironic that a state created in the wake of the holocaust is waging war on civilians in Gaza that many have called a genocide.

Let’s learn from history. At one point we funded Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets. That came back to bite us. Israel funded Hamas, B.B Netanyahu admitted it saying the reason was to lessen Palestine’s chances at statehood. The lesson we must take from all these instances is that we must stop sending weapons abroad and funding war of any kind. We must start sending bread and books instead if we want to leave our children a better world than the one we have today. We The People must demand peace on the world stage.

Benjamin Fisher


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