Bristol Police Log: Stray dog, parakeets returned to owners

BRISTOL — Bristol police in recent weeks have helped return multiple animals in the Bristol area to their owners. 

A lost dog was found on Lincoln Road on Sept. 4 and turned into the Bristol Police Department. Police located the animal’s family and returned the dog. 

On Sept. 7 police helped reunite with their owner parakeets left on Main Street. 

Between Aug. 13 and Sept. 9 Bristol police completed 44 foot patrols and two car patrols, conducted 31 traffic stops and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 24 times, at Bristol Elementary School 23 times and at local businesses 24 times.

Police also processed 48 fingerprint requests and conducted seven welfare checks. 

In other recent activity, Bristol police: 

• On Aug. 13 received a report of a disorderly incident on North Street. Investigation is ongoing. 

• On Aug. 13 were told of a vehicle operating aggressively on West Street. The vehicle was gone when police arrived. 

• On Aug. 15 received a report of an abandoned vehicle on Airport Drive. The owner was located, and the vehicle was removed. 

• On Aug. 15 issued a warning to the owner of a barking dog on Plank Road. 

• On Aug. 16 responded to a call regarding dogs that were left in a vehicle on Main Street. Police determined the dogs were not in distress but spoke with the owner about the potential danger of leaving dogs in a vehicle. 

• On Aug. 17 investigated a citizen dispute on Main Street and found that no action rose to the level of an offense. 

• On Aug. 18 received a fraud complaint on Mountain Street that involved the use of gift cards. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Aug. 23 provided traffic control while the Bristol Public Works Department painted stop lines and pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Main and North streets. 

• On Aug. 23 checked on vehicles parked at the Bristol Pond boat launch. Police did not observe any issues. 

• On Aug. 24 cited Ashley Pelkey, 35, of Bristol for failing to appear at a court date. 

• On Aug. 24 responded to a report of a vacant truck that was stopped in the roadway on Stoney Hill Road. Police located the owner of the vehicle and assisted them in getting fuel to return home. 

• On Aug. 25 responded to a two-car motor vehicle crash on Main Street. 

• On Aug. 27 were told of a dog off leash on Pine Street. The dog was gone when police arrived. 

• On Aug. 28 responded to a two-car crash in a Mountain Street parking lot. 

• On Aug. 29 received a complaint of unlawful mischief on North Street. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Aug. 30 observed a vacant vehicle at Sycamore Park after hours. Police planned to contact the owner and advise them of the park’s hours. 

• On Aug. 31 assisted Mount Abraham Union High School with a truancy concern.

• On Aug. 31 received a fraud complaint involving a stolen check. An investigation is ongoing. 

• On Aug. 31 cited Michael Griffith, 49, of New York for driving under the influence following a traffic stop on Burpee Road. 

• On Sept. 1 responded to Elm Street for the report of an ATV being operated on the roadway. 

• On Sept. 1 investigated possibly threatening messages on Front Porch Forum. Police determined that the communication at that time did not rise to the level of an offense, and an investigation is ongoing. 

• On Sept. 2 responded to a report of a family fight on West Street. Police cited Damon M. Key-Clopton, 27, of Burlington for domestic assault. 

• On Sept. 2 looked into a report of suspicious activity on West Street. Police located the individuals and determined no action rose to the level of an offense. 

• On Sept. 4 helped someone on Main Street obtain mental health services. 

• On Sept. 5 responded to a report of assault on West Street. Police cited Jessie Flemings, 40, of Bristol for simple assault. 

• On Sept. 5 checked on a vehicle that was abandoned on East Street. Police determined the vehicle was disabled and that the owner was working to repair it. 

• On Sept. 6 issued paperwork to a juvenile found in possession of marijuana and tobacco on Airport Drive. 

• On Sept. 8 received a report of threatening on South Street. Police planned to cite the involved individual after locating them. 

• On Sept. 8 investigated an incident on Rockydale Road involving threatening behavior. An investigation is ongoing. 

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