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Letter to the editor: Dissent is an American virtue

I found the bold headline, “Teachers are instilling anti-American sentiment” to be unsettling (Letters, Feb. 3). Yes, it summarized the gist of the letter, but even the writer’s assertion was only a question, and not very well supported.

I don’t know the age of the child who brought the discussion home, but the fact that the teacher asked the students their opinion is not an indication of anti-American sentiment. Nor is the expressed opinion that the defense budget should be reduced an indication of hatred; quite the opposite. Dissent is not anti-American, it is how we stay free.

If this is a classroom of middle school or older students, I think the teacher is doing well teaching students to be good critical thinkers and engaged citizens, ensuring that our country remains a democracy, built on more than military might.

Bonnie DeGray


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