Letter to the editor: Race theory in schools panned

Critical Race Theory (CRT) (also known as Courageous Conversation or by some other euphemism) as instructed by teachers, is the result of the intersection of three perspectives: self-loathing, virtue signaling and political expediency.

According to CRT, all whites must atone for their racist beliefs because they are inherently racist; whites can gain a few points by signaling how virtuous they are in admitting their racism; politicians and activists can ride the wave of CRT Awareness to get more votes in the next election due to their new-found awareness.

In reality, people who believe that thoughts are inherited are ignorant. Hatred is taught…so are acceptance, love and respect. People and businesses that attempt to signal their virtue are vain and deceptive due to the injustice they espouse. Politicians all too often trade principles for votes.

But on the flipside is reaction from the non-white crowd: If whites are against my achieving success, can I blame them now for my failures? If my “white friends” signal that they are adherents to CRT, do they believe I am not capable of success on my own? If a politician suddenly gets on board the CRT train, what were his or her thoughts before it was given a name?

There are few philosophies more racist than this theory that forces one race into believing they are inherently racist and a belief system that provides excuses for failure rather than encouragement for success. CRT enables activists to build political power by pitting one race against another…once again.

And who approved of this new subject being taught to our students: the teachers’ union, the school boards, the principals? Certainly not the taxpayers!

Critical Race Theory is just a theory that cannot pass muster without giving up all self-respect and belief in the American dream that freedom, hard work and a solid education will provide anyone the wherewithal to achieve greatness.

If you believe you’ve truly been discriminated against — get a lawyer and sue. If you think the discrimination is systemic — change your political party and change the system.

And remember that no one is liked by everybody. And in the end, admiration and respect are earned through persistence, self-improvement and example.

CRT is counter-productive, pernicious and anti-American – worthy only of being buried in the trash-heap of failed political and social policy. Teachers that are forced to promote this garbage need to resist. Parents that oppose this indoctrination have to speak up. Administrators need to return to their original task of ensuring that our students are instructed with facts, not indoctrinated with hateful and shameful theory.

And students will need to learn to distinguish between manipulators whose goal is to separate us and role models who will unite us.

RIP CRT and never show your ugly, destructive face again!

Steve A. Jackson


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