College cancels several Schools Abroad

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury College has canceled several Schools Abroad programs for the spring 2021 term, according to a campus-wide email announcement Monday by Dean of International Programs Carlos Velez, who cited lower enrollments and ongoing travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The current course of the pandemic in the world is our foremost concern, with cases on the rise in many of the countries where we operate, and no indication that those circumstances will change soon,” Velez wrote.
Programs have been closed in the following countries, which are ranked by COVID-19 case counts as of Tuesday:
•  India, 8.2 million (2nd globally).
•  Brazil, 5.5 million (3rd).
•  France, 1.4 million (5th).
•  Spain, 1.2 million (6th).
•  United Kingdom, 1 mil. (8th).
•  Italy, 735,000 (12th).
•  Morocco, 225,000 (32nd).
•  China, 91,461 (56th).
•  Jordan, 81,000 (60th).
•  Cameroon, 22,103 (91st).
For reference, the United States has more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than any other country in the world: 9.3 million, as of Tuesday.
Final decisions about programs in the following countries will be announced in mid-December, Velez said:
•  Russia, 1.6 million (4th).
•  Argentina, 1.1 million (7th).
•  Germany, 569,000 (15th).
•  Chile, 513,000 (16th).
•  Japan, 103,000 (50th).
•  Uruguay, 3,145 (146th). 

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