Need help? Lincoln neighbors are ready

LINCOLN — There are a lot of people in Lincoln right now who want to help their neighbors. What a good problem to have.
However, a real challenge in life can be asking for help — especially if you’ve always taken care of yourself, like us country folk do, or if you’re used to helping others. What I personally have had to learn in tough times is that asking for help is giving someone else the opportunity to do a good deed. By helping me, they felt useful and went to bed feeling a little more at peace. There is usually more gift to the giver! So don’t be shy about anything that you might need help with — that means all kinds of help — like food or money or errands, trips to the post office and so much more.
Also, if you personally don’t need help yet, look around your neighborhood and think of those who might need something. Give them a call — especially if you’re not sure if they have email and internet and might not be aware of the various types of assistance available.
From the United Church of Lincoln, community of Lincoln and Addison County Mutual Aid list, we have at least 30 Lincoln folks who are willing to help. If you need something or know someone who does, please don’t be shy about asking.
These requests for assistance of any kind will remain confidential with as few people as possible even being aware of who needs what. For instance, if you call the church needing help with fuel assistance, a check would be written from the fuel fund. No further discussion. That is, of course, assuming we still have funds — and we do have funds right now.
This is why we don’t want, for instance, to email the whole group for help to pick up i.e. Mrs. Stevens medications. We’re hoping the “funnel” will help inspire confidence in our honoring confidentiality.
Below is a list of names of folks who will help you or can find the name on that list of 30 volunteers who is the right match for your needs:
•  United Church of Lincoln, 453-4280
•  Nancy Stevens, Deacons, 453-4294
•  Bay Jackson, Mutual Aid, 802-989-2551
•  Clara Carroll, Mutual Aid, 802-349-9936
•  Vaneasa Stearns, 453-2981
•  Mark Truax, 453-4026
•  Sally Ober, 453-2980
There is also Vermont 211, the hotline for the United Ways of Vermont that has referrals for so many things.
We have a lot of heart and soul and hands and feet in this town that are ready to be of use. Please let us know what you or your neighbor might need.
Editor’s note: This story was provided by Nancy Stevens.

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