UVM lab soil testing services are delayed

MIDDLEBURY — Like so many other business and services during the coronavirus pandemic, The UVM Extension Service, while open, has suspended walk-in visitor service until further notice. “Clearly this is an on-going and changing situation, and we will be observing directives from Gov. Scott, including the stay-at- home directive for non-essential employees,” the service said in a press release.” We want to make sure you know we are still here for you in the capacity we can be.”
The UVM Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab is still receiving manure and soil samples directly and the lab in Maine that UVM works with them is still open. However, they will not be transporting samples from the Middlebury office to the lab in Burlington. The manager of the lab will not be in the office every day and there many be an additional delay in processing samples.
Manure Samples: Manure spreading time is approaching. The best time to sample manure to get an accurate sample is right when you are about to spread it. The testing lab asks that those spreading manure sample, freeze and hold on to the sample(s) for a future date to be analyzed when it can be transported to the lab. Manure can be frozen for months, just make sure there is enough space in the jar for expansion. Empty manure jars will be left in the sample box at the entrance of the Middlebury office, but any plastic quart jar could work. Do not use glass jars. Manure can be sent in the mail, but it’s more ideal to just hold on to it. Anyone needing a timely result can call the lab at 802-656-3030. Sending it directly to Maine may be an option.

Soil Samples: While soil sampling at the same time each year is recommended, given circumstances, anyone who can wait to sample it is advised to do so. For those who need an immediate analysis, mail soil sample(s) to the testing lab in Burlington. There will be soil test kits left in the sample box at the entrance of our office, but any clean sandwich type plastic bag will work. Only 1/2 to 1 cup of soil per sample is needed. Make sure to take adequate sub-samples, mix the soil sample well, and send a representative mix. Soil probes will not be available until a future date.
The Middlebury office can still field any questions about manure and soil sampling. Call 802-388- 4969 and someone will get back to you.



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