Letter to the editor: Yes, Sean, I do believe in Santa

Editor’s note: Maureen Golden wrote this letter to her nephew Sean Golden of Bristol when he decided there is no Santa Claus. She shared it with us so we could pass it on to our readers.
As I lay in bed under my Dad’s wool coat on a frigid December night I dream about Christmas. The large spruce tree in our front yard stood several stories high decorated with big bright blue holiday lights shining through the small crack of my window curtains.  I would often kneel in front of my bedroom window and stare at the snow and the dark sky wishing I might catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer flying across the gallant rays of the North Star on this Christmas Eve.
Baby Jesus was right up there with Santa Claus in our house. If my brothers or I got in trouble for misbehaving or we asked my Mom a question about something we were pondering, my Mom would reply, “What would Baby Jesus do”? Obviously, Baby Jesus had all the answers, but at seven years old, he appeared to be a piece of plastic in our manger next to a green frog and a giraffe. Regardless, we had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus every year and we sang to him believing he is watching over our family. 
Believing in something bigger than ourselves, that we cannot see with our eyes but with our heart, is something I hold strong as an adult thanks to my parents. Our society appears to crave reminders of how powerful this faith can be, for ourselves, our family, and our neighbors and community as we reach out to restore the belief with random acts of kindness.
Sean, I believe in Santa Claus because I believe in the spirit of Saint Nicholas and the kindness he bestowed onto others that were less fortunate.  I believe he is the best of everything that is good and lives inside us all, especially when we celebrate the miracle of the love he gives to everyone.
I believe in Santa Claus because he gave me hope as a child when things seemed hopeless. I believe in Santa because he is our history and our future. We sing songs and read stories about him, watch movies, write letters asking for toys, good health, the safety of loved ones and friends, and we pray that the evil in our world will turn to good by his example.
I believe in Santa Claus because he gives us dreams without boundaries, the hope of peace on earth, endless innocent spirit, and the gift of unconditional love. With an open heart, we can experience his warmth and belief that all people are capable of giving and receiving love.
Sean, I believe in Santa because I need him. He is everything you believe he is. And if you can hold onto just a little of this magic in your own way as you grow up, your life will always be filled with the wonder that “anything is possible.”
Love always, Aunt Maureen

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