Shorthanded Marlins lose in TEST’s pool

ESSEX — The host Town of Essex Swim Team outpaced the visiting Middlebury Marlins on July 2, dominating the relays against a Marlins team that competed with only about two-dozen swimmers at the Champlain Valley Swim League meet.
Highlighting the evening for Middlebury were three wins by U-8 swimmer Constantin Bellman, two victories apiece by U-8 swimmers Mitzi Poduschnick and Aurora Foley, and a pair of first-places from U-18 swimmer Holly Staats.
The Marlins return to action this week with meets at home on Tuesday vs. Burlington Tennis Club and away at Winooski on Thursday.
Middlebury swimmers who earned top-three individual finishes vs. TEST on July 2 were:
•U-8 girls: 1. M. Poduschnick, 20.59; 2. A. Foley.
•U-8 boys: 1. C. Bellman, 21.72.
•U-10 girls: 1. Sadie Chance, 18.31.
•U-10 boys: 2. Daniel Power.
•U-12 girls: 3. Lucy Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 3. Natalie Rockwell.
•U-14 boys: 3. Aidan Chance.
•U-18 girls: 1. H. Staats, 30.77.
•U-18 boys: 3. Fraser Milligan.
•U-8 girls: 1. A. Foley, 23.51.
•U-8 boys: 1. Paul Foley, 26.20.
•U-10 girls: 2. Abigail Hamilton; 3. S. Chance.
•U-10 boys: 3. D. Power.
•U-12 girls: 2. L. Poduschnick.
•U-14 girls: 1. N. Rockwell, 34.87.
•U-14 boys: 2. A. Chance.
•U-18 girls: 3. H. Staats.
•U-18 boys: 3. Andy Rockwell.
•U-8 girls: 1. M. Poduschnick, 23.03.
•U-8 boys: 1. C. Bellman, 25.04.
•U-10 girls: 2. S. Chance.
•U-12 girls: 1. L. Poduschnick, 42.71.
•U-14 girls: 3. Catherine Carpenter, 44.22.
•U-18 girls: 1. H. Staats, 36.25.
•U-18 boys: 2. F. Milligan.
•U-8 girls: 1. A. Foley, 17.97; 2. M. Poduschnick.
•U-8 boys: 1. C. Bellman, 21.32; 2. P. Foley.
•U-10 girls: 3. Lily Allen.
•U-10 boys: 3. Jorgen Pirrung.
•U-12 girls: 3. Oprea Littlefield.
•U-14 girls: 2. N. Rockwell.
•U-14 boys: 3. Chance.
•U-18 boys: 3. Milligan.

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