Letter to the editor: Democrats have a strong bench

Regarding the letter “Get rid of Trump at ballot box” on June 3, while I agree mob mentality elected Trump, I object to the comment that the pool of presidential Democratic candidates is extremely shaky.
For starts, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are two extremely intelligent women well-qualified to take over the presidency on day one. The new arrival on the scene, Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, has an extremely impressive record of accomplishments and executive experience, as has former governor of Colorado Hickenlooper. Julian Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio and the youngest cabinet member under former President Obama, deserves more than a second look.
Beto O’Rourke is extremely dynamic and has a well-founded solution to the south border. Beto is a visionary and soundly empathetic to the suffering of immigrants. If he does not gain the nomination of the Democratic Party, I am confident he would be considered for becoming secretary of homeland security.
Of course, who can not notice the up-and-coming Mayor Pete of South Bend, Ind. He is not only extremely intelligent and multilingual, but also highly gifted with his low-key approach and novel ways of problem solving. I predict if he does not become the next president of the United States of America, he is well positioned to be the next secretary of state. Humility is a virtue worthy of being cultivated. And this is a gift fine-tuned with Pete Buttigieg’s character. Mayor Pete in a person everyone hungers to have as a neighbor and friend.
Thus, Anders Holm, would you like to reconsider disparaging of the Democratic presidential candidates? I have only commented on a few presidential candidates. However, there exists vast talent within the remainder of aspirants.
Princess C. Montpelier

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