Letter to the editor: ‘Check engine’ light is a headache

This is in response to Dave Sharpe’s March 25 letter in the Addison Independent concerning the check engine light.
All the light says is check. It does not cause anything. Also on your dash is a light that says “service engine soon.” You change the oil, set the motor, problem solved. The check engine light doesn’t reverse the computer. I know. I have replaced what it says to do. You set the computer and a while later it comes back on. I have replaced a vehicle that was in very good shape, very inspectable and had to junk it because of one stupid light.
Mr. Sharpe, we can’t, as poor people, afford to replace a vehicle every year. The exhaust smells the same whether the light stays on or not. I can see how if the muffler is bad or the converter is you replace it. If the converter is plugged it won’t run anyway no matter what the light says.
In the ’70s Ford Motor Company had a car that if the computer fouled up you replaced the computer as long as it was the same color. Nowadays you can’t replace the computer if it malfunctions or not. Too Bad. You have to buy a car you can’t afford.
So, Mr. Sharpe, before we jump to conclusions thinking that people are not obeying the law, let’s give some of us credit for trying. Also remember that the inspection stations do not get paid if they fail. Just think of all of the trouble it is causing everyone.
Whitney Mayo

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