County boosts winners in state, federal contests

ADDISON COUNTY — County voters joined their counterparts statewide in supporting incumbents for statewide office, most notably Republican Gov. Phil Scott, Democratic/Progressive Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Democratic U.S. Rep. Peter Welch.
Based on the ratio of votes for and against the top two candidates in each race, support for Democratic candidates and for Sanders was stronger in Addison County than statewide in every race, although the results mirrored Vermont as a whole.
For example, Sanders’s unofficial statewide total of 183,422 votes to Republican runner-up Lawrence Zupan’s 74,636 rounded to a ratio of 2.5 votes for Sanders for every 1 vote for Zupan, per the Vermont secretary of state election results.
But in Addison County Sanders beat Zupan by 11,649 to 4,208, or a ratio of about 2.8-1. In doing so Sanders won in every county community.
Statewide in the U.S. House race, Welch defeated Republican challenger Anya Tynio by 188,487-70,693, or about 2.7-1.
Addison County voters backed Welch, 11,929-3,982, numbers that round up to 3-1. Welch also carried every county town.
Welch was the top vote-getter among all county candidates, topping Sanders and Democratic Attorney General T.J. Donovan, who received the third-most votes.
Donovan picked up 11,129 county votes in topping Republican Janssen Willhoit’s 3,695, good for a roughly 3-1 margin. Donovan ran the table in the county.
Donovan’s 187,050-70,216 statewide victory represented a 2.7-1 ratio in his favor.
Gov. Scott cruised to victory in Addison County despite losing in Middlebury, Cornwall, Goshen, Granville, Lincoln, Ripton and Weybridge. Overall, he defeated Democrat Christine Hallquist locally, 9,072-7,062, with a ratio of 1.28-1.
Overall, Vermont voters showed a stronger preference for Scott, with a ratio of 1.37-1 in his 151,184-110,279 victory over Hallquist.
Likewise, county voters liked Zuckerman more than the rest of Vermont overall. They backed him 10,092-6,314, or 1.6-1 over GOP challenger Don Turner. Turner did carry Addison, Bridport, Leicester and Orwell.
Statewide, Zuckerman prevailed, 158,457-108,389, or 1.46-1.
The scenarios were the same for statewide races for secretary of state, treasurer and auditor, all won by incumbent Democrats over Republican challengers. 
Secretary of State Jim Condos was the most popular of the three locally, defeating Brooke Paige in Addison County, 10,604-4,325, a victory ratio of 2.45-1. Condos won every town in Addison County.
Condos won statewide, 178,816-79,022, or 2.2-1.
Treasurer Beth Pearce turned back Richard Morton in Addison County, 10,450-4,711, or 2.2-1. Pearce won every town in Addison County except Addison.
Pearce prevailed statewide, 179,433-85,709, or 2.1-1.
Finally, State Auditor Doug Hoffer defeated Richard Kenyon in Addison County, 9,302-4,501, or almost 2.1-1. Hoffer carried all of the county except Addison, Bridport and Orwell.
Statewide, Hoffer prevailed, 160,249-88,007, or about 1.8-1.
Anecdotally, town clerks in several Addison County town reported heavy turnouts in Tuesday’s election.

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