Hospice Volunteer Services, ARCH to merge

ADDISON COUNTY — The boards of directors of Hospice Volunteer Services (HVS) & Addison Respite Care Home (ARCH) recently announced plans to merge agencies to become one entity.
Both agencies’ missions reflect providing for compassionate care and support for those in our community who are facing end of life and loss. Board members said they believe a merge is exciting news for families, loved ones, elders, hospice patients, non-hospice patients, those dying in their own homes, those who can not stay in their homes, those suffering a loss, friends, caregivers, and all of us who care.
Each agency will continue providing specialized services within the community:
•  HVS will continue providing certified volunteers and bereavement support.
•  ARCH will continue supporting dedicated spaces for those living with dying.
•  Both will continue working with community partners to sponsor educational opportunities about end of life care and bereavement.
With 50 years of combined service, they believe that together they can do more. HVS marks 35 years of end of life services in Addison County with a commitment to honor the past, celebrate the present and to plan for the future. ARCH was established 15 years ago to provide rooms and end of life care to individuals who are unable to complete their lives at home.
Officials announced the following goals:
•  Together we will operate more efficiently.
•  Together we will strengthen current and new programs.
•  Together we will honor each other’s missions.
Their promise with the merging of HVS and ARCH is that the two organizations are listening to the public and keeping community needs at the center of this process. Their intentions are to transition seamlessly to best serve the community. As they anticipate a completed integration in 2019, members of ARCH and HVS are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of end of life care within our unique community, Addison County.
For more information, visit the new website: endoflifevt.org where people can be directed to either agency or keep track of our integration.

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