Letter to the editor: Fellow Rutland prosecutor offers praise for Bevere

Peter Bevere is more than just the better candidate for the Addison State’s Attorney Office; he will be the best chief prosecutor for the county in years.
I worked alongside Peter in the Rutland State’s Attorney’s office and watched him handle difficult cases, difficult defense attorneys, and difficult judges, as well as traumatized victims and family members, all with grace, skill, and intelligence. Peter allows victims to feel valued and an essential part of the criminal process; he understands, with compassion, how antagonistic and trying the justice system is for them.
Peter is also smart and experienced enough to realize that a wholesale punitive approach hasn’t and won’t work in either protecting the public or rehabilitating the offender. Peter has the grounded common sense and flexibility to work well with the numerous agencies, interest groups, and programs essential for a safe community and efficient administration and coordination of law enforcement, prosecution, and correction supervision.
Chief Deputy Bevere has the breadth of experience and knowledge to competently handle the entire range of responsibilities attached to the office of the State’s Attorney. Peter has the dedication and energy to work tirelessly; I have seen that commitment in his handling of cases big and small, from homicides to simple assaults. He understands to be the right kind of prosecutor, rehabilitation works hand in hand with protection and restoration — they are the three primary colors of prosecution.
Most importantly, Peter Bevere has the integrity and honesty imperative to the high position he seeks. Prosecutors cannot take office without taking an oath to be true and faithful to the laws of Vermont and the Constitution and to do equal right and justice to all persons. Peter Bevere will keep and honor this oath; he always has.
In my 29 years of being a deputy and then Chief Deputy in the Rutland Office, I have not met a more talented and competent prosecutor (despite his being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan); Peter really should be your next State’s Attorney. Every good prosecutor knows that for a community to be healthy, peoples’ homes and families have to be safe — we all need a safe haven. Peter’s home and family are in Middlebury; Peter’s home and family are in Addison County. He understands how important it is for your homes and families to be safe.
Kevin Klamm, Esq.

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