Letter to the editor: Ralston missed 44 roll call votes

I have concerns about Paul Ralston’s record as a legislator. He was absent for 44 roll call votes during his time in the House between 2011 and 2014. As a former legislator, I know how important and yet also how basic it is to vote on bills that come forward, to show up and be counted. I don’t think you can be an effective legislator and miss that many votes. Among the votes that he missed were important ones on early childhood education and reducing energy costs, two issues that he now highlights in his campaign ads.
Add to this record the fact that Paul Ralston named his radio show “The Reluctant Politician.” Being effective in Montpelier requires showing up, digging into tough issues, and working with other people — including those who don’t agree with you — to find ways of making progress and solving problems.
I have also examined the records of Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy. I like their long histories of community service, and I like their stands on important issues like health care, energy, education and the environment. But what I like even more is their demonstrated experience and enthusiasm for showing up, digging in and getting things done — the opposite of “reluctant.”
Steve Maier

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