2018 Addison County Field Days results: Open dairy

NEW HAVEN — The following are the first-place winners in the Open Dairy competition for Division I, Holsteins, Brown Swiss and Guernseys, on Wednesday, Aug. 8. The event was also the Vermont State Brown Swiss Show.
Spring calf: 1. Premier-View Awesome Twizzler, Tyler Slack/Robeth Holsteins. 2. UVM CREAM Bailey Austin, UVM-CREAM. 3. AN-NA Roy Piper, Andrew Lester.
Winter calf: 1. Four Hills Avan Juliette, Megan Hill. 2. Maple Downs D B Alexa, Taylor Bigelow. 3. Robeth Defiant Spice, Dylan Slack/Robeth Holsteins.
Fall calf: 1. Four Hills MCH Joanna, Megan Hill. 2. Hooters Fauve Skippy, Hooters Holsteins. 3. CT Schilldale Wascal Sadie, Clair-A-Den Farm.
Summer yearling: 1. Midas Touch Bailey Alarm, Megan & Sarah Hill. 2. Lotta Hill Defiant Ash-ET, The Wright Farm. 3. Robeth Atwood Spain, Tyler Slack/Robeth Holsteins
Spring yearling: 1. Show Bros Defiant Dixie-Red, Tyler Slack/Robeth Holsteins. 2. MS Affluent Lady in White-Red, Holly Lourie. 3. UVM CREAM Mogul Saffron, UVM CREAM.
Winter yearling: 1. Four Hills A Gone, Abigail Reen. 2. Everywind Flanagan-Red, Karissa Livingston. 3. UVM CREAM Kingboy Becky, UVM CREAM.
Fall yearling: 1. Howacres Sid Ratatouille, Farmstead Genetics. 2. Enter Sid Delorean, Nathan Bingham Jr. 3. UVM CREAM McCutchen Gates, UVM CREAM.
Junior champion: Four Hills MCH Joanna, Megan Hill.
Reserve junior champion: Howacres Sid Ratatouille, Thygesens.
Honorable Mention Junior Champion: Midas Touch Bailey Alarm, Megan & Sarah Hill.
Junior best three: 1. Megan & Sarah Hill. 2. Robeth Holsteins. 3. UVM CREAM
Dry cow under 5: 1. Enter Toystory Midori, Entertainment Dairy
Dry cow over 5: 1. Border Acres Token, Bethany Orvis.
Junior 2-year-old: 1. Jillian Speaker Charmaesha, Jillian Holsteins. 2. Gosliga Farm Chase Daisy, Gosliga Farm. 3. Enter Okaliber Martooni, Entertainment Dairy.
Senior 2-year-old: 1. Jillian Impression Adriel, Jillian’s Holsteins. 2. Enter Entertainer Allie, Entertainment Dairy. 3. Walhowdon Save Weenie, Entertainment Dairy.
Junior 3-year-old: 1. Lotta Hill Doorman 1235, The Wright Farm. 2. Gosliga Farm Gillespy, Gosliga Farm.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. Four Hills Marla 5346-Red, Megan Hill. 2. ATH Heath Doubt-ET, Nathan Bingham Jr.
Four-year-old: 1. For-Cliffs Chelios A Frenchy, Megan Hill. 2. Enter Attitude Cosmo, Entertainment Dairy. 3. For-Clifs Chelios Summit, Benjamin Boutin.
Aged cow: 1. Jillian Jay Z Mylala, Jillian Holsteins.
Best udder in show: Jillian Speaker Charmaesha, Jillian Holsteins.
Grand champion: For-Clifs Chelios A Frenchy, Megan Hill.
Reserve grand champion: Four Hills Marla 5346-Red, Megan Hill.
Honorable mention grand champion: Jillian Speaker Charmaesha, Jillian Holsteins.
Produce of dam: 1. Jillian Holsteins. 2. UVM CREAM. 3. Entertainment Dairy.
Dam and daughter: 1. Jillian Holsteins. 2. Nathan Bingham Jr. 3. Entertainment Dairy.
Senior best three females: 1. Jillian Holsteins. 2. Gosliga Farm. 3. Entertainment Dairy.
Spring Calf: 1. Stanley Kingsman North, Chandra Stanley. 2. McTaylor Dare Devil Emerald-ET, The Wright Farm. 3. Showcase C Glorious-ETV, Keenan Thygesen
Winter calf: 1. Silver Top Candence Twinter, Adele Biasini. 2. Arethusa Naughty or Nice, Keenan Thygesen. 3. Shelburne Bodacious Bella, Taylor Marchand.
Fall calf: 1. Shelburne Dynamite Dippy, Ellie Ramirez-Richer. 2. McTaylor Dare Devil Lena, The Wright Farm. 3. Stanley Kingsman Piper, Chandra Stanley.
Summer yearling: 1. Silvertop Faust Trinket, The Wright Farm. 2. Iroquois Acres Kings Gold, Iroquois Acres. 3. Shelburne Jackson Echo, Ellie Bissell.
Spring yearling: 1. Silvertop Allstar Trick, Silvertop Swiss/Shelby Biasini. 2. Iroquois Acres Gladys, Iroquois Acres. 3. Top Acres HP Sally-ET, Allandra Farm.
Winter yearling: 1. Silvertop Allstar Twilight, Silver Top Swiss. 2. Stanley Kingsman Nite, Chandra Stanley. 3 McTaylor Annabil Ember, The Wright Farm.
Fall yearling: 1. Top Acres Braden Willow, Iroquois Acres. 2. TAE Lea Braiden Delish, Taylor Bigelow. 3. Shelburne Jubilanon Ellie, Lena Ashooh.
Junior 2-year-old: 1. Silvertop Austin Tequila, Shelby Biasini. 2. Colorblind Rich Deanna, Allandra Farm.
Senior 2-year-old: 1, McTaylor Richard April, The Wright Farm. 2. Allandra Brooking Tierney, Allandra Farm.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. Cutting Edge CD Margo-ET, Allandra Farm. 2. Silvertop Durham Treats, Silvertop Swiss. 3. McTaylor Brookings Abby, The Wright Farm.
Four-year-old: 1. Dublin Hills Sorine-ET, Allandra Farm. 2. McTaylor Carter Excaliber-ET, The Wright Farm.
Five-year-old: 1. Milc Glenncore Caramel, Taylor Bigelow. 2. Silvertop Tweet, Silvertop Swiss.
Six year olds and older: 1. Silvertop Denmark Bounty-ET, Silvertop Swiss.
Produce of dam: 1. Produce of Silvertop Total Tweet, Silvertop Swiss. 2. Produce of McTaylor Wind Eloise, The Wright Farm.
Dam and daughter: 1. Silvertop Swiss. 2. Allandra Farm. 3. Silvertop Swiss.
Senior best three females: 1. Silvertop Swiss. 2. The Wright Farm.
Junior champion: Shelby Biasini.
Reserve junior champion: Ellie Ramirez-Richer.
Honorable mention junior champion: Adele Biasini.
Grand champion: Taylor Bigelow
Reserve grand champion: Allandra Farm.
Honorable mention grand champion: Allandra Farm.
Spring calf: 1. Burgess Farm Lexus Savana, Digligle Farm. 2. Coverdale Lightening Latoya, Sylvia Johnson.
Fall calf: 1. Howacres JW Alexandra-ET, Zachary Johnson. 2. Trot Acres T-Litedig Levi Hannah, Digligle/Toolite.
Summer yearling: 1. Digligle/Toolite. 2. Lang Haven LS Nora, Peggy Delong/Jason Tooley. 3. Digligle.
Spring yearling: 1. Smithfield Freedom Graceful, Sylvia Johnson.
Junior champion: Zachary Johnson.
Reserve junior champion: Digligle Farm.
Honorable mention junior champion: Digligle Farm.
Dry cow under 5: 1. Digligle/Toolite.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. Knapps Talent Quality, Digligle Farm.
Grand champion: Digligle Farm
Reserve grand champion: Toolite/Digligle.
Honorable mention grand champion; Zachary Johnson.

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