Mary Hogan kids enjoy a day in the sun and on the track

MIDDLEBURY — On June 8, the fifth- and sixth-graders from Mary Hogan Elementary School participated in the school’s annual track and field meet, the brainchild of longtime physical education teacher Mike Quinn. 
Quinn, now retired, created the event years ago as an enjoyable way to introduce elementary school students to the sport of track and field and to celebrate both physical fitness and the impending end of the school year by being outside in the spring weather. 
The June 8 meet marked the first one ever Quinn did not oversee: Instead, Mary Hogan PE teacher Sabrina Butterfield took over that duty for the first time. 
While arguably all participants could be called winners after enjoying sunny weather outside on late-spring day, some students finished first in multiple events well. Sixth-grader Charlie Stone won three times, while fifth-grader Ella Tucker and sixth-graders Lia Robinson and Emma Brown each won twice.  
MARY HOGAN ELEMENTARY School sixth-graders Nell Brayton, left, Stella Andrew and Hana Doria find their strides in the 100-meter dash during the school’s annual track and field meet at Middlebury College on June 8. Independent photo/Trent Campbell
The top finishers in each event were:
Fifth-Grade Girls: 
• 50 meters: 1. Tucker; 2. Gabby McCrimmon; 3. Audrey Carpenter.
• 100m: 1. Tucker; 2. Maura Connelly; 3. Carpenter.
• 400m: 1. Emma Deering; 2. McCrimmon; 3. Kaylee Dunton. 
• Mile: 1. Simone Duquette-Hoffman; 2. Amelia Coburn; 3. Connelly.
• Long jump: 1. Jolee Heffernan; 2. McCrimmon; 3. Diana Pratt-Raymond. 
Fifth-Grade Boys: 
• 50m: 1. Caleb Burrows; 2. Toby Draper; 3. Zach Jette.
• 100m: 1. Draper; 2. Burrows; 3. Jette.
• 400m: 1. Jette; 2. Zach Nevins; 3. Gavin Lee. 
• Mile: 1. Bowie Burloso; 2. Dylan Frost; 3. Rory Morgan.
• Long jump: 1. Gavin McNulty; 2. Draper; 3. Elliot Slavin. 
Co-Ed Relay: 1. Burloso, Duquette-Hoffman, Coburn, Brian Newton; 2. Jette, Lee; Luke Bleich, Morgan; 3. Elliot Monk, Frost, Burrows, Milo Reese. 
Sixth-Grade Girls: 
• 50m: 1. Brown; 2. Joleigh Bradford, 3. Lydia Dragon.
• 100m: 1. Brown; 2. Dragon; 3. Robinson.
• 400m: 1. Robinson; 2. Hana Doria; 3. Elle Sellers. 
• Mile: 1. Robinson; 2. Bradford; 3. Lily Lapiner. 
• Long jump: 1. Dahalia Harrison; 2. Hannah Cormier; 3. Dragon. 
Sixth-Grade Boys: 
• 50m: 1. Wu Dong; 2. Stone; 3. Fynn Whitlock.
• 100m: 1. Stone; 2. Dong; 3. Whitlock.
• 400m: 1. Stone; 2. Zach Wilkerson; 3. Oliver Anderson.
• Mile: 1. Wilkerson and Anderson; 3. Willem Berry; 4. Drew Smith.
• Long jump: 1. Stone; 2. Cole Schnoor; 3. Whitlock. 
Co-Ed Relay: 1. Wilkerson, Stone, Anderson, Schnoor; 2. Clyde Mulhotra, Whitlock, Cameron Stone, Berry; 3. Elizabeth Crawford, Lapiner, Bradford, Owen Lawton. 
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