Letter to the editor: Leahy, Sanders have right idea on Russia probe

Michael Flynn resigned as national security advisor as a result of his havinglied about his conversations with a Russian diplomat. This has shown light and raised questions about the pre-election association between the current President’s aides and the Russian government. Flynn’s lie, and the content of his conversation, led to the possibility that he could be vulnerable to blackmail.
This seems to be the beginning of a larger story.It’s not over. Until we have a bipartisan investigation of this issue by an independent commission this story cannot be laid to rest. I want everything about the current administration’s ties with Russia to be investigated — both private business dealings in Russia and with Russians in the U.S. and other prior contact with government officials in Russia held by members of the administration, including the current president.
I want to know who asked Flynn to speak to the Russian ambassador in thefirst place. Flynn had no power of his own at that time, and could not have been seen as someone who was able to reliably promise anything unless he was acting on behalf of someone with power. As part of the investigation, I want them to investigate Donald Trump’s tax returns — including schedules and forms — to try to determine if he has accounts in Russian banks and partnerships with Russian investors.
A June 2016 report from the WashingtonPostreported that Donald Trump, Jr. said, “Russians make up a prettydisproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets…we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Bernie Sanders are calling for an investigation into ties between the Trump campaign/administration and Russia — either by a special counsel or by the Senate Intelligence Committee.
I’m grateful that we livein Vermont and have representation by these staunch patriots. We the people need a government that is on our side, not slave to the interests of Russian (or any) oligarchs and corporations.
Jennifer Stefani

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