Letter to the editor: Keep open mind, follow evidence

I applaud Joanna Colwell for her fine critique of Wayne Dyer’s unhelpful aphorisms (Ways of Seeing, Jan. 12). She deserves further applause for pointing out similar “harmful ideas” even in her own field of yoga. (Incidentally, the word “spiritualism” means so many different things to different people that it is completely useless. Let’s not use it anymore.)
Colwell’s skepticism points to a larger issue: the New Age rejection of science and reason. Now more than ever we need to slow down and think critically about important issues, rather than demonizing those with whom we disagree. We need to be willing to engage in respectful dialogue, focusing on claims and not the claimants. Most importantly, we must be willing to change sides if the evidence leads us to do so. There are now too many sources of bias or fakery that lure us into maintaining false ideas.
It’s time to move past the New Age and look to our scientists, learning to think the way they do. Our future depends on it.
Jerry Shedd

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