Bristol Police Log

BRISTOL — Bristol police, on Dec. 14, began an investigation into two counterfeit $20 bills recovered from a Bristol business. One bill had been passed on Dec. 13, the other about a week earlier. The bill passed a pen test conducted by the store, but closer examination by Merchants Bank determined several security features, including a security strip and watermark, were missing.
Police advised the U.S. Secret Service. Additional victim businesses have been identified, with two more counterfeit $20s and a counterfeit $50 passed. A $100 bill that passed a screening by one of the victim business’s bank has been forwarded to the Secret Service for further examination. At this time no suspects are known.
Bristol police conducted five town-contracted traffic patrols between Dec. 12 and Dec. 16, covering Briggs Hill, Burpee, Lincoln, and Monkton roads and Daniel’s Four Corners. Police issued two tickets for speeding and one warning for defective equipment.
In other action, Dec. 12 through Dec. 18, Bristol police:
• Initiated an investigation into a sex offense involving potential child exploitation on Dec. 12.
• Forwarded fingerprints for background checks on two women working in a local daycare center on Dec. 13.
• Transferred a family court order when it was discovered that a former Mountain View resident had moved to Lincoln on Dec. 13
• Investigated a reported trespass complaint at the Kountry Trailer Park on Dec. 13.
• Visited with students and staff while working out of the BPD office at Bristol Elementary School on Dec. 14.
• Checked a delivery truck in the Rite Aid parking lot on Dec. 15, after two subjects were seen heading north on North Street with a dolly and merchandise from the truck. Police found that the delivery person had walked merchandise up to Almost Home, leaving his delivery truck in the Rite Aid parking lot.
• Responded to a request to accompany a Bristol resident as he retrieved belongings of a juvenile on Dec. 15.
• Responded to a citizen report of a vehicle on Main Street with a broken window. Police found that the damage had been caused near a hiking trail and involved a theft from that vehicle reported to Vermont State Police on Dec. 15.
• Met with a district business owner who suspected an employee of theft, on Dec. 16.
• Worked out of the BPD office at BES on Dec. 15.
• Conducted a forensic examination of a cell phone involved in an incident under investigation by the Addison County Unit for Special Investigations on Dec. 16.
• Prepared a police report on a rental vehicle believed damaged in Bristol, on Dec. 16.
• Responded to a 911 hang up on Mountain Street on Dec. 16.
• Assisted a motorist waiting for her parents to come to Bristol and pick her up at 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 17. An officer stood by until the parties were together.
• Responded to an alarm activation at the Bristol Police Department on Dec. 17. An officer found the alarm had gone off because of motion detected in the garage. The building was cleared and secured. 
• Responded to a reported dispute at a Basin Street residence, at 3:36 a.m. on Dec. 18. The male homeowner requested that a female guest be removed from the property. Both subjects appeared intoxicated. Police drove the woman to a family member residing on Lovers Lane.

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