Letter to the editor: Real action, not clicking ‘Like,’ is what’s needed now

I recently put a post on my Facebook page, and wanted to share a version of it here. I think that it is really important for users of Facebook and other social media to realize, early on, that clicking on stuff and reacting to posts will not work toward affecting any real change regarding our country’s policies (I’m specifically referring to the incoming administration at the federal level).
I think we should each employ our most effective means to affect true change, whether it’s donating money, volunteering, organizing, letter writing, protesting what you think is wrong, advocating for what you think is right, etc.
Wherever your strengths lie, I believe that now is the time to use them effectively out in the real world. The first step for me, I suppose, is writing this letter to the editor. Whatever you do, I think that it is important to do so coherently and with respect toward others.
Eric Hanson

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