Ignorance prevailed, and Vermonters must fight back

Well, the Archie Bunkers, white supremacists, Fascists, racists, global warming deniers, misogynists and just plain idiots of America must celebrating now! Now they have their champion. He made America Hate Again! We will now recede to a new Dark Age for America and the world.
Vermont, most of the Northeast, the West Coast and other parts of the country where people with more than a half a brain live, soundly defeated ignorance, and the popular vote was on our side too! No matter, that for the sixth out of the last seven presidential elections, Republicans (now Trumpublicans) have lost that vote. But our antiquated Electoral College has put a tyrant in the office on three occasions. This time we not only have a boy idiot like “W,” but a tyrant and inarticulate demagogue.
The people who voted for Trump thinking that he will make things better for them are delusional. It’s unfathomable how people could be so stupid to elect someone from the billionaire class who will not work in their best interests. But hey, I’ve always thought the American electorate’s intelligence has been grossly exaggerated anyway.
We live in a global economy, all those heavy manufacturing jobs are never coming back! Our economy and employment has made steady progress over the past eight years under President Obama (the most articulate president in a generation). In fact, we are now manufacturing more in this country than we have in years due to automation. It’s just that we don’t need that many folks with low skills anymore.
All the whining about bringing jobs back to the heartland or wherever? It ain’t gonna happen. What those people need to do is reinvent their local economies as many areas have done from the ground up, embrace green and renewable energy businesses, and start small businesses. They need to get off their bottoms and get educated to improve their skills, or move to where the jobs are. Reviving old jobs in coal country, rust belt cities and rural areas, by making things at high prices that no one will buy, or drilling for oil and gas everywhere isn’t going to rescue these areas. Blaming all their woes on a black president, Hispanics, immigrants or whoever is ridiculous.
In the meantime, we have to pull together and resist in whatever way we can this assault from new the Trumpublican regime, so we can sweep it away in two and four years. We have to stamp out all signs of injustice whenever and in whatever direction it emanates from. We have to speak out, call it out and take action. We have to rebuild the country and sweep away all vestiges of this hate that comes at us.
I’m proud to live in Vermont where we have so many that feel the same way about this, and where we still is hope. Other than a governor who doesn’t have a clue, every statewide office and the legislature are held by Democrats or Progressives.
We have a lot of work to do and it won’t be easy. Bernie started a movement and we have to keep it alive with new blood. Speak out, hit back and retake America forward!
Bruce Acciavatti

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