Tracking dogs help hunters find injured prey

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department recently released a list of certified leashed tracking dog owners who will help locate deer, bear or moose that have been shot during hunting season but not yet recovered. The leashed tracking dog owners must pass an extensive exam administered by Fish & Wildlife in order to be certified and licensed to provide their services.
This list, which may be updated during hunting seasons, is available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website (
Vermont’s two-part archery deer season dates are Oct. 1-28 and Dec. 3-11.
Calls will be taken at the handlers’ discretion and at the availability of the handler.
2016 Vermont Leashed Tracking Dog Handlers
Tim Nichols             Granville, NY             518-642-3012,      802-353-6020
Travis Nichols          Granville, NY             518-642-3012,      518-932-6505
Chris Peacock           Burlington, VT          802-658-3423
Marvin Ainsworth     St Johnsbury, VT       802-748-8627
Laura Nichols           Granville, NY             518-642-3012,      518-932-6506
Jeff Adams                Milton, VT                802-324-6316
Daniel Myers            Troy, VT                  802-988-4370,      802-309-2504
Dennis Roberts         Troy, VT                  802-988-9632,      802-673-5061
Jess Monago             Burlington, VT          607-765-0945
Ryan Lewis              East Fairfield, VT       802-782-1167
Nicholas Merritt        East Fairfield, VT       802-238-3884,      802-922-2515
John Konya              Bradford, VT              802-439-3838
Kayla Konya             East Thetford, VT       802-333-4278
Jacquelyn Magoon     Morrisville, VT          802-279-6578
Brandon Sweet          Fairfax, VT                802-318-2829
Cody Barnum           New Haven, VT          802-458-7070
Mandi Fecteau          Orleans, VT               802-323-3536
Jacques Marcoux       Hyde Park, VT           802-279-7889
Kristie Adams           Pittsford, VT              802-483-6257,      802-558-1143
Roger Chauvin          Swanton, VT             802-316-2614,      802-868-4953
Chrystal Cleary         Peru, VT                   802-824-5394,      508-208-6202
Paul L. Choiniere      Orleans, VT               802-754-1026
Barry J. Tatro           Hardwick, VT            802-535-7259
Tom DiPietro Jr.       Jericho, VT                802-899-4479
Laura DiPietro          Jericho, VT                802-899-4479 

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