Opinion: Fox spreads propaganda

Clinton backers are more rational.
Karlene Callahan’s letter in the Addison Independent (Sept. 1) shows irrationality. She says her source of news, Fox, is different than other sources in it is correct and all others are wrong. One form of insanity is to think that everyone else is wrong.
However, Fox has been shown to hold truth as irrelevant as it makes up news. People who only listen to Fox have been shown to have a low understanding of the real world. Like, they believe global warming is wrong and the Titanic didn’t sink and the Holocaust didn’t happen.
We used to listen to extreme right media sources like Fox and Rush Limbaugh and note the errors in their facts and how much was made up to mislead the right wing followers, but why bother? Most had heard enough of this stuff that they didn’t want to hear more and Fox lovers didn’t want to hear that Fox is a right wing propaganda machine. 
The great Republican noise machine, which includes Fox, has been trying hard to bring down Obama and Hilary with distortions and made-up stories. (At the same time the Republican party has been removing opposition voters by erasing names and gerrymandering.)
This noise has been able to get many people to have doubts about Hilary, but some people can see through this smoke screen to see that constant cries of Benghazi and cell phones is mostly imitation smoke and there is very little fire.
As Ronald Reagan once said, “Here we go again.”
Peter Grant

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