Opinion: Pamphlet offered ‘factual story’ of unborn development

The “Life in Vermont” Jan. 21 newspaper insert tells theamazing and factual story of fetal development. A Feb. 4 letter to the editor indicated that the Vermont Right to Life Committee “used a harsh tactic in giving a fetus a voice to share its development in an effort to scare people considering an abortion.”
Scientific facts don’t scare people but inform and educate them. Fifty yearsago Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson gave a similar “voice” to the preborn in his Life magazine photo essay “Drama of Life Before Birth.” Since then the “voice” of the preborn has grown louder through advanced technology, especially ultrasound.
WomenSafe, rather than hiding or dismissing thisinformation, may want to explore it, discuss it and find out more about the loving option of adoption and positive resources mentioned in the pamphlet, “Silent No More,” and Project Rachel’s post-abortion counseling.
Patricia A. Brooks

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