Opinion: Term limits, flat tax rate would help correct our course

It seems the older I get the more I become concerned with the direction our great nation and country is going. Things don’t seem to be getting done in Washington as they might, though some of the fault may be our own (the voters) due to who we put in office.
I believe it is time for term limits — instead of the same old life-timers holding down their precious seats. Maybe we should limit their terms in office to 8 or maybe 10 years or less.
The great compensation and benefits our representatives receive is more than incentive to try to keep one’s seat, perhaps with little interest or concern for those who put them there. This goes for senators as well as our representatives. The so-called power of one rep or senator should be no greater than the man or woman in the next seat.
Serving 8-10 years should be the limit — and maybe a period of several years’ time before one could run again for that office. There are many out there with good ideas and common sense that need a chance to do the public good.
I also believe in a flat tax, the first requirement being to determine the country’s gross national product. That being found — the need to determine what percentage of the gross product would be needed to run the government — the military, Social Security, etc. The gross product is so large that probably only a small percentage would be needed for taxes. Possibly 3-5 percent. Every company/business organization would need to report their gross income. No exceptions — banks included. There would be no loopholes or deductions to complicate things (Sorry!). Instead, everyone would pay his or her 3 or 5 percent. The beggar on the street (sure), the working family, big corporations and the millionaires — their 3-5 percent. No one would be pointed out as not paying their fair share.
The Bible refers to the Promised Land somewhere in the Middle East, but I believe our country is the Promised Land. There is not, nor has their ever been in all the world’s history, a country with more opportunities or freedoms than the United States of America. Let’s do our best to ensure these freedoms and pass them on to other countries as time passes and they are so motivated.
Edwin C. James

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