Workshop helps farmers make most from their land

RUTLAND — On Monday, Jan. 4, the Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL) will host a workshop called “Making it Happen: Profitability and Success” in collaboration with The Carrot Project, a nonprofit that provides financing and business support to small farm and food businesses.
This intermediate level workshop will help farmers put strong financial systems in place to ensure the sustainability of their farms. Benneth Phelps, loan and business assistance coordinator at the Carrot Project, will facilitate the workshop, drawing on a decade of farming experience in the Northeast.
Participants will learn how to implement effective financial management strategies and make sound business decisions that improve the viability of their farm business. These tools will enable farmers to increase productivity, reduce costs, increase net farm income, and improve overall quality of life.
The feasibility and success of small farms is contingent upon having a solid business foundation in addition to sustainable growing practices.
“Not only do farmers need to keep detailed records and have an understanding of the basic financial statements but they need to know how to use that information to make strategic and sound business decisions,” notes Jen Miller, RAFFL’s New Farmer Program Coordinator.  “This interactive workshop will help farmers develop those skills.”
The workshop will take place at the Green Mountain Power’s Energy Innovation Center in downtown Rutland on Jan. 4 from noon-5 p.m. The suggested workshop fee is $15, a light lunch will be available.
For the workshop’s full agenda, registration information, and information on financial assistance, visit:

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