Opinion: Sick bill deserves support

I’m writing to express my support of the Healthy Workplace Bill H.187. I urge my senators to vote for this bill. By providing paid sick leave to many more employees, it will support a whole class of workers to live a healthier life.
I currently work at the Grille at Middlebury College. I am part time so I don’t earn any sick days. When I’m out sick I don’t get paid. Last year I had a surgery and I was out for the whole month, so I ended up having to rely on other state benefits. Oftentimes, that doesn’t give me enough to get by.
Paid sick days would really benefit me because I have health issues and it would really help me with attending appointments and caring for my health. All humans deserve the right to take a sick day. Sen. Claire Ayer and Christopher Bray, please vote for the Healthy Workplace Bill.
Barbie Hodgdon

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