Deer season was the best since 2002

ADDISON COUNTY — Addison County hunters enjoyed the most productive rifle deer season since 2002, according to information collected from the county’s nine weigh stations.
The total of 444 deer weighed locally is the highest in 13 years and the most in the county since Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations changed in 2005, when a ban on shooting younger spikehorn bucks during rifle season went into effect.
The best season since then had come in 2010, when 428 bucks were weighed locally. The best rifle season in recent memory came back in 1998, when 507 deer were shot in the 16-day November season.
In 2002, before the spikehorn ban became law, local weigh stations handled 477 bucks, making 2015 the third most successful Addison County rifle season in the past two decades.
The county’s six-year rifle-season average kill before this season stood at 375, while 2014’s total came in at a disappointing 359.
The rifle totals in the two years before that were 421 in 2013 and 405 in 2012.
Vermont Field Sports manager Greg Boglioli theorized that this year’s uptick came because more deer were surviving tough winters because of “three good years of food,” including “bumper crops” of acorns and apples.
“I think it’s just the fact we’ve had a few good years of food supply,” Boglioli said. “More deer are getting through the winter, and there are more deer in the woods.”
He added it’s possible that deer are breeding in the safe havens of posted land, including on some big farms.
Weights appear to be up, as well. For example, in 2014 in Addison County, rifle season hunters weighed only one 200-pound buck. This season, the local weigh stations dealt with seven that tipped scales at 200 pounds or more, five since opening weekend:
•  Peter Smith killed a 213-pound, 8-pointer in Addison that was handled at West Addison General Store.
•  Andrew Raymond brought down a 201-pound, 6-pointer in Ferrisburgh and took it to Rack and Reel in New Haven Junction.
•  Matt Lawton shot a 200-pound, 8-pointer in Shoreham that was weighed at Buxton’s Store in Orwell.
•  Scott Stearns killed a 200-pound, 8-pointer in Ferrisburgh and took it to Rack and Reel.
•  Tim Butler took down a 200-pound, 7-pointer in Bristol and had it weighed at Vermont Field Sports.
On opening weekend, Ferrisburgh resident Tyler Barber brought down the largest buck of rifle season, a 226-pound, seven-pointer, and Waltham resident Kevin Kayhart shot a 213-pound, nine-pointer.
Buxton’s Store owner Doug Edwards said hunters are telling him they believe a combination of plentiful food and warm weather are keeping weight on the animals. 
“They say there’s a lot of feed in the woods, a lot of nuts,” Edwards said, adding, “They’re speculating with the warm weather they’re not moving as much.”
The Independent will analyze weights and wrap up the total take for all the deer seasons — bow, muzzleloader and Youth Hunting Weekend, as well rifle season — after muzzleloader season concludes on Dec. 13.
This November’s youth weekend total dropped from those in recent years, but some weigh station operators reported their bow season numbers were up, at least from 2014. For example, Boglioli said that Vermont Field Sports’ count for the first half of bow season rose from 27 to 43.
After opening weekend, the following hunters found success between Dec. 16 and 29 and brought deer to those stations mentioned above or to Lincoln General Store, Jerusalem Corners Country Store in Starksboro, Village Green Market in New Haven, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, or C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury. They are listed by hunter, town of kill, and pounds and points.
Tim Butler, Bristol, 200-7; Juan Gonzalez, Shoreham, 195-5; Keith Tremblay, Goshen, 190-6; Harold Chamberlain, New Haven, 188-7; Christopher Stearns, Shoreham, 185-8; Randall Alger, Shoreham, 178-6; Richard Ramsey, Cornwall, 176-8; Justin Seguin, Weybridge, 175-7; David Dupoise, Lincoln, 175-7; Florence Bessette, Ripton, 174-7; and Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, 173-8.
Also, Daniel Zentara, Granville, 170-8; Phillip Nowell, Ripton, 166-10; Mark Torrey, Addison, 165-6; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 164-6; Jesse Barth, Cornwall, 163-6; James Whitley, Weybridge, 163-7; Stephen White, Middlebury, 160-4; Randy Butler, New Haven, 158-4; Michael Forbes, Middlebury, 157-4; Mathew Babcock, Hancock, 152-8; Richard Wood, Ripton, 151-3; and Douglas Yantz, Middlebury, 150-3.
Also, Alfred Edson, Cornwall, 147-6; George Malinowski, Leicester, 145-5; Calvin Loven, Cornwall, 143-5; Eric Hathaway, Salisbury, 143-4; Margene Loven, Whiting, 142-4; Richard Billings, Middlebury, 140-5; Nathan Palmer, Cornwall, 140-6; Todd Seguin, Weybridge, 139-4; Jeffrey Galipeau, Weybridge, 138-4; Gabe Cameron, Ripton, 134-5; and Mark Humiston, Brandon, 133-3.
Also, Timothy Larocque, Ripton, 133-9; Rose Gale, Salisbury, 131-3; Burton Cole, Leicester, 130-7; Timothy Yandow, New Haven, 129-5; David Putnam, Middlebury, 127-5; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 125-6; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 125-6; John Ramsey, Leicester, 125-4; Shawn Gero, Weybridge, 124-3; Gregory Gearwar, Brandon, 124-6; and Jay Malinowski, Leicester, 123-3.
Also, Dennis Smith, Middlebury, 121-3; William Chestna, Sudbury, 118-4; Tristan Stearns, Shoreham, 118-5; Gary Gorton, Salisbury, 118-4; William Boutwell, Ripton, 117-8; Benjamin Hogan, Whiting, 116-4; William Keefe, Bridport, 116-5; and Timothy Little, Shoreham, 115-4.
Also, Philip Cyr, Bridport, 113-4; Eric Foster, Middlebury, 113-4; Justin Allen, Ripton, 113-4; Daniel Gaiotti, Salisbury, 112-6; Jeff Wulfman, Ripton, 106-6; Terry Blair, Middlebury, 105-4; Scott Bouton, Middlebury, 104-3; and Casey Babcock, Leicester, 103-6.
Shane Coyle, Ferrisburgh, 135-3; Adam Terry, Bristol, 137-8; James Gill, Cornwall, 126-5; Lance Perlee, New Haven, 101-3; Paul Cousino, Lincoln, 126-8; Charles Paolantonio, Charlotte, 155-6; Jay Rogers, Ferrisburgh, 107-6; Jerry Butler, New Haven, 164-6; Gage Lalumiere, South Hero, 92-4; Trevor Hallock, Salisbury, 125-4; and James Towle, Panton, 185-9.
Also, Josh Roscoe, Lincoln, 150-7; Kyle Charron, Shoreham, 185-5; James Vincent, New Haven, 150-9; Wayne Preston, Monkton, 166-5; Alan Bessette, New Haven, 108-4; Travis Green, Mount Holly, 129-2; Bruce Cheever, New Haven, 156-5; Jay Curtis, Ira, 121-4; David Huizenga, Monkton, 149-4; Ronald Kerr, Shoreham, 148-4; and Brian Kayhart, New Haven, 157-8.
Also, Christopher Gebo, Ira, 142-7; David Yandow, New Haven, 157-4; Mason Livingston, New Haven, 134-3; Tony Bushey, Ferrisburgh, 128-4; Clifton Mix, Charlotte, 125-3; Roger Brown, New Haven, 155-8; Joseph Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 108-4; Timothy Flynn, New Haven, 127-4; Kelly Kayhart, Waltham, 120-4; Lester Little, Ferrisburgh, 139-6; and Kody Ploof, Bristol, 138-8.
Also, Michael Hinsdale, Charlotte, 142-8; Ralph Ringer, Weybridge, 133-6; Lonie Parker, Charlotte, 130-7; John Kipp, New Haven, 147-6; Beau Gevry, New Haven, 119-5; Mark Livingston, New Haven, 165-6; Thomas Kenyon, Monkton, 162-5; Aaron Collette, Addison, 123-3; Scott Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 200-8; Brent Warren, Cornwall, 152-7; Michael Safford, Monkton, 165-8; Andrew Raymond, Ferrisburgh, 201-8; and Paul Wildasin, New Haven, 178-8.
Matthew Bourgeois, Shoreham, 183-6; Abigail Copeland, Cornwall, 170-7; Zach Booska, Orwell, 172-5; Albert Dubois, Shoreham, 149-3; Chris Hanson, Orwell, 184-6; Stephen Parise, Orwell, 178-8; Walt Hadvab, Orwell, 151-5; Josh Paige, Orwell, 142-7; Ed Trombley, Castleton, 140-8; Randall Strong, Shoreham, 139-3; John Noble, Benson, 139-7; Lilly Russell, Orwell, 128-5; and Tom Williams, Whiting, 111-7.
Also, Nick Montello, Orwell, 132-4; Ray Bradish, Orwell, 175-8; Jarod Wilcox, Hubbardton, 174-4; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 174-7; Wilson Tupper, Orwell, 137-3; John Hutchins, Brandon, 174-7; Siri Swanson, Orwell, 125-5; Sam Trudo, Sudbury, 109-3; Dennis Rheaume, Bridport, 115-6; Alan Alger Jr., Orwell, 165-6; Dave Ketcham, Orwell, 160-7; and Peter Welch, Orwell, 161-7.
Also, Bradley Matteson, Fair Haven, 136-7; Steve Brileya, Shoreham, 122-4; Bill Maloy Jr., Sudbury, 132-4; Russell Bishop Jr., Shoreham, 176-8; Megan Quesnel, Whiting, 162-4; Garrett Tupper, Orwell, 108-3; Chris Davis, Shoreham, 145-3; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 140-3; Travis Whittemore, Bridport, 168-6; Carter Audet, Orwell, 138-4; Dominic Cillo, Hubbardton, 139-4; and Casey Barry, Bridport, 117-4.
Also, Alyth Hescock, Shoreham, 124-3; Steve Quinn, Shoreham, 154-6; Aaron King, Orwell, 131-6; Eric Russell, Orwell, 118-3; Matt Lawton, Shoreham, 200-8; Steve Myrick Jr., Bridport, 176-4; John Gosselin, Shoreham, 195-6; Justin Quenneville, Cornwall, 117-4; Fred Hotte, Shoreham, 164-7; and Travis Leggette, Bridport, 153-5.
Also, Gene Godspeed, Orwell, 147-4; Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 110-3; Kyle Buxton, Sudbury, 110-3; Brian Kemp, Whiting, 149-3; Joe Russell, Orwell, 126-4; Mark Gebo, Orwell, 166-4; Glen Hayward, Castleton, 124-4; Ed Lanpher, Shoreham, 187-7; Rob Labossiere, Cornwall, 107-5; John Williams, Orwell, 153-4; and James McEvilla, Shoreham, 138-4.
Richard Miller, Middlebury, 117-6; Mark Lebeau, Shoreham, 162-8; Timothy Whitney, Cornwall, 108-5; Brian Trombley, Ferrisburgh, 141-8; and Kristin Butler, Middlebury, 117-3.
Langdon Smith, New Haven, 130-6; Lucas Smith, New Haven, 182-6; Frank Stanley, Monkton, 130-3; William Munson, Bristol, 120-3; Jon Boise, New Haven, 130-4; George Roy, Monkton, 156-4; Andre Palmer, New Haven, 159-5; Michael Hurlburt, Monkton, 124-3; Ben Freund, Monkton, 127-4; and Brian Novak, Middlebury, 130-3.
Also, David Hurlburt, Monkton, 150-6; Robert Swan, Ferrisburgh, 139-6; Jody Conant, New Haven, 155-6; Taylor Bessette, New Haven, 118-4; Chris Burritt, Bristol, 155-6; Richard Kemp, New Haven, 134-6; Todd Hunter, Hinesburg, 179-8; Debra Bessette, Ferrisburgh, 174-4; Gary Scott, New Haven, 116-6; Mark Beauchemin, Bristol, 127-6; and Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 121-4.
Geoffrey Booth, Lincoln, 150-4; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, 131-3; Caleb Tucker, Middlebury, 193-8; Stanley Bigelow, New Haven, 96-3; Thomas Lathrop, Starksboro, 137-6; Alexis Lathrop, Bristol, 121-6; Callahan Butler, Bristol, 156-7; David Lathrop, Bristol, 124-3; David Patterson, Lincoln, 151-6; Larry Marcelle, Moretown, 133-8; Brian McCormick, Bristol, 129-6; Nicholas Austin-Neil, Bristol, 100-4; Timothy Heffernan, Monkton, 111-3; and Dustin Whitcomb, Bristol, 158-6.
Alan Clark, Lincoln, 174-8; Bradley Palmer, Charlotte, 161-4; Shaun O’Connor, Lincoln, 153-5; Robert Mackey, Warren, 147-6; Nathan Wallace-Gusakov, Huntington, 146-8; Joseph Senesac, Lincoln, 145-6; Todd Roscoe, Huntington, 141-6; Tyson Rotax, 138-4; Nelson O’Bryan, Lincoln, 137-6; Richard Brinkman, Lincoln, 135-7; Tammy Lavalette, Lincoln, 133-5; Kevin LaRose, Bristol, 131-5; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, 129-4; and Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 116-4.
Devin St. George, Charlotte, 127-6; Mark Shimel, Bridport, 145-3; Justin Borah, Charlotte, 145-8; Andrew Warren, Bridport, 113-6; Justin Bushey, Addison, 142-4; James Hatch, Panton, 130-3; Thomas Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 143-4; Daniel Bourgeois, Hinesburg, 103-3; Obadiah Ranney, Bridport, 150-3; Dale Bushey, Addison, 124-6; Peter Smith, Addison, 213-8; Andrew Nolan, Panton, 119-5; James Bodette, Leicester, 130-4; Daniel Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 134-5; and Horace Richards, Addison, 133-3.
Alan Schmidt, Starksboro, 151-8; David Hall, Starksboro, 151-8; Stephen Aruzza, Huntington, 141-5; Mathew Norris, Starksboro, 91-5; Earl Pecor, Bristol, 154-9; Todd Weston, Huntington, 163-8; Mary Taft, Huntington, 155-4; Kyle Bezanson, Lincoln, 150-8; Charles Spence, Huntington, 176-4; Michelle Hall, Lincoln, 125-4; Paul Norris, Starksboro, 168-8; Michele Sullivan, Starksboro, 115-3; and Tyler Johnson, Starksboro, 154-8.
Also, William Heffernan, Starksboro, 118-5; Seth Quittner, Starksboro, 125-3; Todd Heyman, Huntington, 125-4; Corey Shepard, Lincoln, 120-4; Philip Lenz, Buels Gore, 115-5; Arthur Bissonette, Middlebury, 160-5; Henry Emmons, Starksboro, 160-9; Scott Manning, Ripton, 124-4; Marc Swenor, Lincoln, 110-3; and Adam Thompson, Starksboro, 167-8.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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