Bristol Police Log: Burlington man taken to Porter, cited for disorderly conduct

BRISTOL — On Sept. 28 at 12:45 a.m., Bristol police were called to a residence at the Kountry Trailer Park, where Timothy J. Williams, 26, of Burlington was reportedly angry and yelling in the roadway, according to a log of September activity issued last week by the Bristol Police Department.
After police arrived, Williams entered onto property for which he had previously been issued a no-trespass notice. When police went to take Williams into custody, he resisted arrest, according to police. After a Vermont State Police trooper used a Taser on Williams and other officers tackled him, Williams was taken into custody and cited for disorderly conduct, unlawful trespass and resisting arrest.
Williams was transported to Porter Hospital by the Bristol Rescue Squad, with police accompanying. At the hospital, the officer issued Williams a citation to appear in court and notified his probation officer.
Also in September, Bristol police conducted town-contracted traffic patrols on 14 occasions, covering Route 116, Lincoln Road, Hardscrabble Road, Carlstrom Road, Lovers Lane, Hewitt Road, Briggs Hill Road and Burpee Road. Officers issued several tickets and warnings for traffic violations, including stop sign violations, driving without proper registration, driving without a license and speeding.
Bristol police also attended a number of trainings in September. Two officers attended a firearms instructor workshop on Sept. 3. An officer completed online training for property and evidence management on Sept. 9. An officer completed training in file storage and evidence procedures for using a body camera on Sept. 22. Two officers attended a Master Firearms Instructor course Sept. 24-25. An officer attended a two-day Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement course to improve detection of drivers impaired by drugs and alcohol, Sept. 29-30.
In other incidents between Sept. 1 and 30, Bristol police:
•  Served an order vacating a relief from abuse order on Sept. 1.
•  Assisted town officials with locating signs for a 25 mph speed zone on Hardscrabble Road on Sept. 1.
•  Located a West Pleasant Street woman reported to be suicidal and to have taken an overdose of prescription medications on Sept. 1. The woman was taken to Porter Hospital, where she was evaluated by the Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC).
•  Assisted Bristol Rescue with a subject reported to be unresponsive on West Street near the bus stop on Sep 2. Officers determined the subject had overdosed on prescription medication, and he/she was then transported to Porter Hospital.
•  Responded to an attempted teen suicide on Sept. 2. A district resident reportedly found the teen attempting suicide and took the teen to her home where she called police. The teen was transported to Porter Hospital for evaluation and eventually placed in the custody of a parent.
•  Responded to a vandalism complaint on Main Street on Sept. 3 for a resident whose car had been egged sometime during the night. Officers identified a possible suspect.
•  Assisted at the scene of an accident on Airport Drive on Sept. 3. A tractor-trailer, leaving the Bristol American Legion, had caught a low hanging power line, causing the line to pull the pole. Officers controlled traffic at the scene until Green Mountain Power restored the line.
•  Assisted Bristol Elementary School staff with an 11-year-old suspected of having alcohol on campus on Sept. 3. Officers tested the contents of a sport bottle and verified that it contained alcohol. They then referred the case to juvenile court.
•  Ticketed a parked Bet-Cha Transit school bus for blocking a fire hydrant on Sept. 3.
•  Investigated a reported suicidal male on East Street on Sept. 4. The man was transported to ACT I in Burlington for detox.
•  Investigated a suspicious vehicle at Eagle Park on Sept. 4 and determined that all was well.
•  Assisted state police in investigating a suspicious vehicle in Lincoln on Sept. 5.
•  Located the owner of two dogs found running loose on Upper Notch Road on Sept. 5. The owner retrieved the dogs, both of which were registered with the town.
•  Investigated a loud party on Garfield Street at 1:10 a.m. on Sept. 6.
•  Cleared the intersection of South and Main streets at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 6 so that the Green Mountain Stage Race bike race could come through.
•  Responded to a noise complaint on Garfield Street at 6 a.m. on Sept. 7, when someone told police that the two adults next door were yelling at each other. Officers told the neighbors to keep the noise down.
•  Responded to a 911 hang-up on Garfield Street on Sept. 7. Officers determined that a child was playing with an old phone and that all was well.
•  Responded to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Maple and West streets on Sept. 8. Officers found that no one was injured, and no court action was taken.
•  Investigated a distress call from the Mount Abraham Union High School (MAUHS) elevator at around 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 9. Officers found that a student had accidentally pushed the distress button in the elevator.
•  Issued a notice against trespass to a woman who was seen taking and drinking a bottle of wine inside Shaw’s supermarket on Sept. 10, along with a former Shaw’s employee.
•  Posted a notice on the department’s Facebook page on Sept. 10 for a black and tan female Lab found wandering near a High Street residence.
•  Located a lost dog and returned it to its owner on Sept. 10.
•  Assisted Bristol Rescue at 7:19 p.m. on Sept. 10 with a Mountain Street resident, who had apparently attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription medication. The man was transported to Porter Hospital.
•  Directed traffic during Bristol Elementary School dismissal when the one-way traffic flasher was inoperative on Sept. 11.
•  Responded to a two-vehicle crash, no injuries, on West Street in front of Maplefields on Sept. 12.
•  Investigated a likely moneygram scam on Sept. 12. The complainant sent a moneygram for $1,200 to Cameroon to cover rent for an apartment he had found on Craigslist. After sending the money, the complainant received no further communication from the supposed landlord. Officers advised the man that there was likely no way to recover the funds.
•  Investigated a series of gunshots being heard near the old landfill on Sept. 12. Officers discovered that a property owner on Burpee Road was target shooting with a new firearm. No laws were being broken, and the property owner was shooting in a safe direction with a backstop.
•  Returned a downed American flag to the American Legion on Sept. 13. A resident found the flag on the ground, where it had fallen from a Bristol telephone pole, and delivered it to the police station.
•  Investigated on Sept. 14 a possible attempt to gain entry to a residence on High Street, likely to have taken place between 1 p.m. on Sept. 9 and 7 p.m. on Sept. 14. Officers found that a window screen had been removed, possibly with a screwdriver, and thrown in the woods.
•  Contacted on Sept. 15 a landfill customer who had written a check with insufficient funds to the town of Bristol. The writer of the check agreed to make restitution.
•  Safely returned a resident to an area care home on Sept. 15. The resident had walked away from the care home unsupervised and was found on Stoney Hill.
•  Responded to a citizen looking for help cutting the exterior lock on her apartment on Main Street on Sept. 15. Officers did not have the required tools and advised the woman to call in a locksmith.
•  Responded to a Stetson Road residence for a reported medical emergency on Sept. 16. Officers administered care until Bristol Rescue arrived. No medical transport was necessary.
•  Responded to a Church Street residence where the resident was reporting difficulty breathing. Officers stood by until Bristol Rescue arrived and then assisted with lifting.
•  Arrested Irene Hagan, 37, of Bristol for driving with a suspended license. Officers issued her a citation, released her, and grounded her vehicle at a Taylor Avenue residence.
•  Responded to an alarm set off at a Main Street business at 6 p.m. on Nov. 16. Officers found all secure.
•  Investigated a vehicle that left the Bristol Elementary School parking lot squealing its tires and fishtailing in the road with school kids around at 7:36 a.m. on Sept. 17. Officers could not identify the vehicle operator because the registration number obtained by the complainant did not match the suspect vehicle.
•  Investigated a report that a staff member’s bike was stolen from MAUHS at 12:32 p.m. on Sept. 17. Officers identified two subjects. On Sept. 18, one of the two suspects turned in the bike and confessed to the theft. Juvenile court action was taken.
•  Assisted an elderly woman seen walking unsteadily and wandering into the roadway on North Street on Sept. 17. Officers arrived on scene just as a family member arrived. The family member took charge of the woman, who said she was just going for a walk.
•  Investigated a complaint that people in a North Street apartment were yelling and making noise. Officers located the parties involved in the argument and advised them to quiet down.
•  Responded to an alarm activated at a Main Street business at 6:25 a.m. on Sept. 18. Officers found that the custodial staff was inside cleaning and did not have the new passcodes.
•  Responded to a medical emergency and stood by the patient until the ambulance arrived on Sept. 18.
•  Assisted Middlebury police with an active investigation on Sept. 18.
•  Investigated a bike stolen from a teen’s lawn at the Kountry Trailer Park on Sept. 18. The girl’s bike, blue in color, reportedly had no brakes and the handlebar was shifted to the right. No suspects have been identified.
•  Provided security at a soccer jamboree at MAUHS on Sept. 19.
•  Responded to a possible custodial issue at a Main Street apartment on Sept. 19. The complainant told officers that she was to pick up her son at 10 a.m., but no one was answering the door even though she believed they were home. Officers knocked on the door, but no one answered.
•  Were given on Sept. 19 a mandolin and case that had been found near the end of Mountain View. Police checked the area further and located other music equipment but have not been able to identify the owner.
•  Warned a juvenile driving a motorized scooter on Pine Street not to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway without registration, insurance or license on Sept. 19.
•  Assisted state police with a domestic situation on Bristol Road in Monkton on Sept. 19.
•  Assisted a man who appeared to be having a possible diabetic issue. Officers called rescue to provide treatment and transport the man to Porter Hospital.
•  Responded to an alarm set off at MAUHS at 11:21 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 20. Officers found the building secure and learned that a staff member had accidentally set off the alarm while going to her office.
•  Stopped a vehicle to investigate an invalid inspection sticker and found numerous other violations on Sept. 20. Officers had the vehicle towed and issued a ticket for driving after suspension.
•  Blocked off parking on the west side of South Street so that telephone poles could be safely removed on the morning of Sept. 21.
•  Patrolled Mountain and Spring streets to make sure that there were no violations of the one-way ordinance during school drop-off at Bristol Elementary School on Sept. 21.
•  Investigated noise next door to a Munsill Avenue apartment during daylight hours on Sept. 21. Officers determined that the noise was from closing cupboards and doors in a neighboring apartment with common walls. Officers referred the complainant to the landlord.
•  Checked the Maple Ridge Trailer Park on Sept. 22 for a vehicle reportedly stolen from Vergennes.
•  Administered first aid to a Maple Street resident who had gotten a head injury from falling, and waited until Bristol Rescue arrived for transport on Sept. 22.
•  Confiscated a vehicle stopped at Prince Lane with no front plate, an expired license, expired registration and no proof of insurance on Sep 22. The vehicle was towed, and the operator walked home.
•  Interrupted a domestic dispute at a Lawrence Lane residence on Sept. 22 at 6:15 p.m. Officers found that no criminal acts had been committed but warned both parties.
•  Responded to a parking complaint at MAUHS on Sept. 22.
•  Investigated a complaint that a dog had been attacked by another dog at Sycamore Park on Sept. 23. Officers identified the offending dog and owner, but the owner denied any responsibility for the attack. The owner also initially refused to register her dog but did so when faced with civil action under the animal control ordinance.
•  Assisted Vergennes police by locating a vehicle at the Maple Ridge Trailer Park on Sept. 24.
•  Warned a Bristol Elementary student against following another student around after school on Sept. 25.
•  Issued four parking tickets for vehicles parked in MAUHS fire lanes on Sept. 25.
•  Collected expired and unused medication as part of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Take-Back program on Sept. 26.
•  Responded to a neighbor’s report of a possible domestic argument on South Street on Sept. 27. Officers found the couple had been in a verbal argument and that the woman involved was intoxicated. A friend had arrived and calmed the situation prior to police arrival.
•  Investigated vandalism at Bristol Elementary School on Sept. 28. Someone had damaged property behind the school with red spray paint.
•  Confirmed that a known suspect seen driving on Main Street in Middlebury had indeed been operating a vehicle despite a criminally suspended license. The Bristol police officer who took action was off duty at the time. Court action is pending.
•  Responded to a reported hit-and-run motor vehicle accident on Park Place at the intersection of School Street at 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 29. Received information from a witness that a silver or white Dodge pickup truck towing a trailer with “Robinson Steel Storage Bin” printed on the side struck a parked vehicle while backing up on School Street. The pickup towing the trailer then left the area westbound on West Street without notifying the owner of the damaged vehicle. Anyone with information regarding this accident is asked to contact Bristol police at 453-2533.
•  Received a phone call at 9:31 p.m. on Sept. 29 from a local woman, who claimed that she had wired $6,000 to an online scam. The officer offered to stop by the woman’s residence, but she said she was going to sleep soon. The officer referred the complaint to the state police.
•  Received an iPod found by students walking to Bristol Elementary School at 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30. One of the students later claimed the iPod was hers. Staff learned of this, confirmed the student did not have an iPod and called the police department. Juvenile Court action was taken.
•  Attempted to serve a relief from abuse order to a district resident. Officers found that the subject no longer lived in Bristol but did work in Williston. So officers provided Williston police with a copy for service.
•  Received a complaint at 5 p.m. on Sept. 30 that a vehicle had passed a school bus unloading students at Mount Abe. Officers identified the vehicle’s owner and mailed documents regarding the violation.

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